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Start issue on on a 22mxz lsa caddy motor

Wake N Bake

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Yea we tried all of that. It's weird we can. Hear the ecu click like it has power. But can't get it to turn over. Wondering if anyone with this motor has the same problem

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Just my 2 cents, but it sounds like your solenoid isnt engaging, only clicking. I've never fixed this on a Chevy V8, but have had this issue on my motorcycle and my bro's snowmobile. Check for any loose or broken off wires. On both of my encounters, the ground wire broke off the solenoid.

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If the starter/solenoid ever got wet, it ain't long for this world! You should have a strong 12v on the solenoid (the little wire and post closest to the block) when the key is turned to the start position. If not that could create a no start issue, easy to check. Use a multi meter to check the voltage on that wire when someone turns the key to the start position. If you have a good 12v you may have a bad starter and or solenoid. The click and it not starting kind of sounds like that is the case here. I have had to rebuild my starter and solenoid twice due to them being submerged. Don't half step if you get it rebuilt. Have the started cleaned up and the solenoid replaced because if not it will eventually go bad due to corrosion. $95.00 and a 45 minute job last week as a matter of fact.

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What is the battery voltage? If it truly is over 11 volts, connections are clean and tight, and the starter just clicks, rebuild the starter. Prior to this you may want to attempt to jump it or install a different battery to ensure good voltage and amp flow.


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Thanks guys! Yea we all agree it's the starter. Does anyone have pics or anything that can help me change This baby out without any issues? Or is it fairly easy

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Granted the LSA is a different critter but If it is any where close to a 350 Monsoon it will take a 9/16" wrench or ratchet & socket to remove the 2 starter bolts, a 1/2 wrench for the main power wires nut and a 5/16 nut driver for the solenoid power wire. Remove the electrical source accordingly, pull the left divider, remove the wires from the starter and solenoid. I also unplugged the knock sensor to get it out of the way and unbolt the starter. Repair or replace and reassemble.

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