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Fulton f2 jack wheels

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Got an email back from them, they just want some pictures and proof of purchase. I guess I'll just send them a copy of the original sales order for the boat/trailer.

I'll probably have to pull the wheels off to get a decent picture.

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My F2 wheels have cracks, but that is not my biggest concern...

I was towing my boat on Sunday, and as I was connecting the trailer, the T-handle Pull Pin broke. The top of the "T" just came off in my hand. Looks like the plastic just cracked (fatigued?). I was able to grasp the remaining part of the Pull Pin and secure the jack in the horizontal position. Then, after towing the boat home (about 110 miles)...the crank handle was gone.

No idea where I lost the crank handle, but it had vanished sometime during my 110-mile drive. With no way to remove the trailer from my truck's hitch, the only real solution was to drive to a local retailer and purchase a replacement F2 jack. For ~$190...

I have ordered replacement parts from etrailer.com for the original jack (which is now on the workbench in my garage). This whole event really surprised me - the trailer jack was original equipment on my 2011 Boatmate trailer. I'm surprised that I had such catastrophic failures on a simple trailer jack that is ~5 years old.

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Took some pictures yesterday before I put the boat away and sent them in. Hopefully this happens quick because I'm not sure they are going to last the rest of the season, one of them is nearly broke all the way through.




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Or just hook it to your hitch do it.

I'd have to pull the boat out of the garage to do that. The boat gets manually turned and pushed into the garage about the last 8 feet so that it is close to the wall. Jackstand can be done where it is without even opening the garage door.

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I need a bigger garage...

Or a smaller boat ;) Although my VTX fits in with a couple inches to spare without folding the tongue. The bigger issue is making sure it is over far enough so that nobody swings the passenger door of my wifes car into the boat (single 16ft door garage)

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