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Throttle handle button - 2012 Response TXI

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I am a part owner in a 2012 Response TXI used at our private lake. We seem to be experiencing an issue with the throttle handle and the little button on top that allows you to put the boat in forward/reverse and apply throttle. They somehow break and then pop off. Fortunately this time we caught it before it went in the lake. I am not sure if a member of our group has an overly heavy thumb and pushes down too hard or if it is a design flaw or just wears out over time. Have gone through 2 of them now in 600 hours of usage. Our dealer says many folks have this problem and they recommend putting a "Band-Aid" on top to hold the button in place and allow it to function or pay the $700+ to get an entire new handle. Both options seem underwhelming solutions in my mind.

Anyone else seen or having this issue? Did a little searching but possibly using the wrong words. Appreciate any feedback.

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That is interesting. I have never heard of that. Many of those throttles out there too. I have 450 hours on mine and haven't had an issue.

How is it held on underneath? Just adhesive? It is only being used to go from neutral to forward/reverse right? It doesn't need to be depressed to go back to neutral or make any kind of throttle adjustment once out of neutral.

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I've never heard of the issue with the throttle, but I've sure heard about club boats (and promo's BTW) being abused like a rental car. My vote goes to being treated as if it's someone else' boat.

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1. Just because you haven't heard of it doesn't mean that it's not true.

2. I expect that any dealer has seen a lot more throttles then any crewmember. You guys might want to consider giving them the benefit of some experience.

3. Yes, throttle buttons do break.

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After looking into it further clearly they do not assemble the throttle control around the button and still surprised I cannot order just a button. For now we have a couple of bandaid's on there to make it function and not lose the button.

As far as usage goes...yeah one or two of the six owners are bit on the abusive side, but most of us work too damn hard for our money to abuse expensive toys. We might just have a driver who has the magic touch.

Peter - Any chance you can confirm that you cannot order the just the button itself? It is a boat, but seems a bit out of the ordinary.

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My button actually broke so when you press it down, it does nothing. so I just have to feel neutral, and turn off the boat each time everyone is done. I do now want to pay the 700 plus for a whole new throttle. stupid design.

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My throttle was causing a service required alarm that started last year.  This spring I took it in and they told me it was the throttle that was causing it.  Back in 2012 there was a recall of a range of certain serial numbers.  Unfortunately mine didn't fall into that range so it was $700 to fix my alarm issue.  You might want to get the serial number off yours and have them check if its in that range.

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Hey guys, trying to bring this one back to life!  Has anyone had success taking the throttle apart and fixing the spring?  My neutral just went out as well and I ripped this thing off and am trying to fix it!

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On 9/12/2015 at 12:45 AM, justgary said:

Post a picture of this button. Maybe a pal with a lathe or a mill will make a dozen for you.

Almost four years later with no replies, let me bump this post....

Even better than a picture is holding one in my hand.  This should be fairly easy to knock off in aluminum or acetal, but I can't help you without a drawing of the part.

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Hey guys, 

recently purchased a 2013 VLX, I’m having the same problem with the shifter button not engaging the nutral lock.

has anyone had any luck fixing the issue without spending the money on a brand new one?



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Hi everyone, if this is still an issue for some, I have a cheap solution. I am from Australia and have a 2016 Lxr purchased new in Dec 2016. After approx. 70hrs on the boat the black throttle button popped out and we were left with a throttle that had no stop/lock in neutral which is really annoying and dangerous. Called our dealer and he said bring the throttle assembly in as he had a fix due to it happening frequently. I took it in and watched him fix it, the problem is the small c clip on the steel rod running down the middle of the throttle has come off the rod. The c clip has a spring on top and the black button sits on top of the spring that enables the button to go up & down. From memory the dealer took the top of the throttle off that holds the black button that exposed four small screws that when undone allows you to get to the steel rod & spring. He then put a new c clip on the rod & used super glue to glue the c clip to the rod, he used three small spots of glue where the c clip contacts the rod, he then put the spring on top of the c clip , screwed it back together and then super glued the black button onto the top of the rod. I asked the dealer how long it will last and he said I haven't had one back with this fix in 3 years of doing it. We now have 250 hrs on our boat and haven't had the throttle button issue again. 

Cost is a new c clip and some super glue so a lot cheaper than a new assembly. Hope owners with this problem can understand my explanation, the fix only took about 15 minutes all up so good luck.

Cheers Ian J

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wrong boat date
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