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Perks flush pro


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Does anyone use a flush pro?

I had a unit on my Natique that had a flush pro type of check valve with a water strainer but I can't recall the manufacturer.

Can't decide if I would be better off with a strainer and a tee to hook a hose to or the flush pro.

This would be on a 2012 VLX21.

Thanks, Chris

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I have one on my LSV and like it. I installed the thru hull fitting and connect the hose there and don't have to hook it right at the flush pro. Search for perko flush pro. You need to know your hose size where you see connecting it.

Also search these forums for "flush" or "flush pro" and you will se several custom designs that work well.

And, welcome to the crew!

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I have a Perko Flush Pro on my boat and like it. Mine is in the main intake line right after the strainer. I have access by lifting the rear seat cushion. That location works well for me.

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Thanks for responding guys.

I have had so much trouble with this boat since purchasing it, lots of time in the shop. This summer it seems to have all been rectified, I actually have put 20 hours on it without having to go to the shop and I am feeling a bit more comfortable with some added touches.

I do miss my Nautique still, bulletproof.


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Flush pro combined with a typical strainer restricts water flow by up to 7 GPM.  Look at the Indmar strainer with flush fitting integrated into it.  Less than 1gph flow loss.  The raw pump on these engines only puts out 28-29GPM with no restrictions.  Given most raw water plumbing in boats includes lots of 90 degree fittings, flow loss is a real issue.  Indmar Strainer Pro available from Indmar, dealers, and places like Bakes too.  

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typo of GPH for GPM
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20 minutes ago, Steve B. said:

Hm, when I'm running the boat in the driveway, I can drain a 50 gallon trash can in maybe 10 minutes or less, and that is while refilling the trash can as it empties. 

Steve B.

Yeah, he is way off - or confusing GPH with GPM


Model Port Gallons Per Minute at RPM

Number Size                                  1000 2000 3000 4000 4500

JS 10-24228-1 (F5B-9) 1 1/4" Barb     5.2  12.0  18.5  24.5  25.5


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I've been running a flush pro in my boat for several years.  In fact, my current problem is that I've been running too cool, switching out to a new thermostat this winter.  Getting plenty of water flow.

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