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Surf / Kids Transom Speaker


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So, we aren't big tower speaker fans for a few reasons so we went with soundpack 1 on our T22. My kids have started requesting that we play "Surfin USA" while they ride their ski trainer. To make it loud enough for them to hear it, we need to blast the cabin speakers. I just can't take it anymore and decided to go figure out a solution. I picked these up at lunch and am looking forward to trying it out this weekend. There is a clamp mount that came with the speaker that I think will work perfectly on the rear grab handle. If not, I will probably just stick the speaker in one of the transom cupholders.

I think this will also be fun to have some tunes for the surfers. With the FAE system I would think this will be more than loud enough and it will direct the tunes right at the rider so it won't be so loud that I am pi$$ing anyone else around me off. (We go out early with all the fishermen).

I'll report back after the install. It looks pretty simple...


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Me too. Hope it works but I wouldn't hold my breath. That thing looks small and overcoming the sounds of an engine, wind and water splashing will be a challenge. Keep us posted

There was a bigger model there and the clerk said if this wasn't loud enough, I could just bring it back to exchange it. I cranked it up and it seemed loud enough, but I agree that overcoming what you mentioned might be a challenge for it

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Feel for you! My roommate freshman year played the Beach Boys incessently until others on the floor kidnapped his collection. Ransome was "only one album per day."

It's just that one song too lol! In a way its nice because they all get exactly the same amount of time per turn and there is no fighting about it then (1 time through)

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confused... the fusion piece and the speaker are both bluetooth receivers. Your phone will only broadcast to one at a time....

Hmmmm...I was hoping to connect the speaker right to the head unit. Last night I was questioning that that was possible. I am an idiot when it comes to stereo's...so is there any way to connect a Bluetooth speaker to the Sony head unit? If not I will return the dongle

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you would need a bluetooth transmitter from the sony. probably something like this http://www.amazon.com/Bluetooth-Transmitter-TaoTronics-Connected-Transmission/dp/B00P24XKS8/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1441456562&sr=1-1&keywords=bluetooth+transmitter

But it still wouldn't work that well I don't think, because you'd need to turn the sony up to full volume in order to transmit the strongest BT signal (just like you have to have your phone at full volume to transmit the strongest BT signal). Now I guess if your stereo has unused RCA outputs (like your cabin speakers are all off of an amp that is fed by the front RCAs, but the rear RCAs are unused because you don't have tower speakers) you could connect a BT transmitter to those unused RCAs, fade to those RCAs on the headunit, and crank it up to full blast and it should work.

If your boat's speakers are currently powered off of the headunit instead of an amp... I think you are probably SOL.

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I was just re-reading this since I'm thinking of doing something similar; I'm not familiar with "soundpack 1" vs. all the other options. What stereo head unit is that? If it's a Rockford Fosgate unit, they have "zone output" so it's possible to connect a speaker (& amp system) to an alternate zone and route the same signal to it. Putting a BT transmitter on zone #2 and pairing it to the transom speaker is possible; it's also possible to run a wire down the gunnel and direct connect at the transom.

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