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22 VLX speakers


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I would highly recommend a stereo delete, use the savings towards a better system. I personally like the walkway speakers, but some people don't think they project sound very well. The places others have mounted speakers in place of walkway speakers looks odd and out of place to me.

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All 4 8" speakers in the main cabin are actually pointing towards the back of the boat. The walkway speakers are the only thing actually pointed toward the driver. I have been toying around with the idea of adding some more speakers in the dash so that the driver (which is me 99% of the time) can actually hear the music a little better while going down the lake.

As for whether or not to do a stereo delete, I have been disappointed with the in-boat portion of my stereo system and sort of wish I had built my own. The 8 cabin speakers are not only underpowered, but when I ripped off the "warranty void if removed" stickers on the 4-channel amp powering them, the gain was turned all the way to Min. Turning that up to the half-way point helped significantly, but not enough. The sub-amp gain was also turned to almost nothing. Turning it up helped the impact of the sub, but it is not a very clean sound (a function of the box more than the sub i believe). However, I am really impressed with the 4 Icon 8s on the tower; they sound amazing (we mostly surf, so not concerned about how they sound 80 feet back).

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Do the stereo delete, so many better options you can get custom. The walkway speakers aren't really worth much. if had it to do over I would have not put those in and just put another pair of 808s in the bow and run them all six off of my SD6 at 185watts each. the 6'5s sound ok, but man the 808s sound so much better, and one pair of bow 808s would sound better than the walk through and bow 6.5s.

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Sorry to bring up an old thread, has anyone upgraded the 6.5s in the walk through or bow to 8in?  doesn't seem like there would be anyway on the walk through, but the front might fit! 

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When tuned properly the in boats sound pretty decent!  I did however add an EQS, which helped dial them in.  Unfortunately the driver is in the worst position for quality sound as the walk through speakers are barely audible when underway.  I agree with @Fman though, pictures I have seen where the walk through speakers have been relocated look odd and out of place.

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5 hours ago, ryanbush said:

Sorry to bring up an old thread, has anyone upgraded the 6.5s in the walk through or bow to 8in?  doesn't seem like there would be anyway on the walk through, but the front might fit! 

I hear a speaker like the Kicker KM8 will fit in the walk way. 


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