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Vinyl color bleed

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I have an '06 21 LSV and am getting small pink spots randomly showing up on the vinyl. A lot on the seams, but then some scattered on solid vinyl. There is nothing red/pink in the boat and they keep showing up and will not come out. Have a red powder coated Sampson tower, but that doesn't seem to be it. Any ideas on what causes this? Any removal tips?

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My first post and a new 2006 VLX owner as well. When I picked my boat up from the dealer last month when I bought it everything looked fine. Put the cover on and drove it home. When I uncovered it the next morning I had the same issue. I scrubbed and scrubbed and it wouldn't come off. I found another thread on the forum that described the exact same problem. I ended up leaving the boat uncovered in the sun on a hot day and all the spots went away. I guess it has something to do with the glue or backing on the vinyl. I now see the issue on occasion after pulling the covers but it goes away in a few hours. It just looks really bad until it clears up.

Hope this helps.

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Any trees or bushes in the area that you might be tracking their seeds or fruit into the boat? We have poplar trees on our beach. So everyone who walks down to the boat tracks these little seeds on to the dock & into the boats. They have a funky orange/yellow stain they leave behind. When it's been a problem in the past, I screw a doormat down on the dock for everyone to brush their feet off before they jump in the boat. I have a buddy who puts like 3 door mats on the dock by the shore so everyone who comes out to the docks walks over them everytime.

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I hit this another thread, but I have been getting bleed through for quite a while on my '10. I know for a fact that most of it is coming "up" from underneath the material. I have the dealt with the infamous purple tint on the rear deck material, the UV fixed that in a weekend and I also have spots in places no one ever sees much less sits or spills on because my kids are gone. A lot of mine are most likely spots from what ever was on the back side of the material during the construction process. I say this because I have had bleed thru on the back side on even my ebony dash pad panel, with the 4 digits of my HIN bleeding through! That was most likely grease pencil coming through.

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