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Wakemakers Piggyback Install 2006 VLX


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I recently added the PiggyBack system from wakemakers - and I get $50 credit for showing my install here. Hopefully it will help someone do theirs also.

Started by locating and removing the current hard tank connections. One is Vent, the other is Fill, I just blew through each hose and felt the air come out of the vent on side of boat - then assumed the other one was fill. I did use the heat gun to warm up the hosed before I removed them. Saved the hose clamps to attach the hoses that drain the bag into the hard tank. Here are my connections.


Next I used the Wakemakers hose marked "FILL" and attached it to the hose I determined was from the fill pump. I used the hose clamp that Wakemakers supplied to connect the 2 and thus extend the fill hose long enough to reach behind the forward locker divider to the rear of the locker. I used a couple of zip ties to keep it up under the gunnel.


Now I used the two unmarked hoses that Wakemakers refers to as "LINK HOSES" to connect to the hard tank connections that I removed earlier. I again used the heat gun to heat the hose prior to pushing them on the barbed connectors. I let the short one stay forward, and routed the longer one down almost level with the floor next to the engine. I drilled holes in the floor and use zip ties to help hold it in place. It needs to be pretty level with no kinks so the bag will drain into the hard tank through these 2 hoses with a little help from gravity.


Photo showing long hose


Next I removed the other end of the Vent hose at the side of the boat, attached the new Hose Wakemakers has marked as "VENT". I again attached re-using the hose clamp. I ran this one behind the forward divider also, just to clean up the install process.


You should have 4 fittings ready to attach to the ballast bag. 1- fill (top back of bag) 2 and 3 - drain (bottom of bag) and 4 - vent (top Front of bag)


Now in place the ballast bag into the bottom of the locker, screw a flow-Rite fitting into each of the 4 holes on the bag, and slide the hose over the fitting and slide down the red bar to lock it into place.


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Wakemakers are excellent fokes.

But the inherent design flaw uses gravity flow. Excruciating slow. 750/1100 lbs thru a 1" hose. It took me 30 min to drain my tank.

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