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Need Help checking out a Boat

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Wondering if anyone out there would be able and willing to go with me to check out a Response LXi for sale down there. I've talked to the guy listing it, all seems on the up and up, but carrying any amount of money always makes me nervous. Would also really appreciate a somewhat unbiased second opinion as this just seems like a deal i can't pass up.

Supposed to meet at the Riverside Marina sometime tomorrow, not sure on the time yet. But I'm also looking to trailer it back to Maine immediately assuming all checks out.

She looks dirty, but I can certainly clean and polish it.



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Looks identical to my father in-laws 04 LXI. Nice boat. Make sure you pull the floor panel that is between the engine and rear wall - you'll need to remove the rear seat (just picks up). You'll be able to see the steering cable/rudder and that is where all the crap collects (any oil or other debris)

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I hope you are planning on repacking bearings and replacing tires to tow back home. I'd assume they both need some love given all the gunk un the boat and the condition of the guide post bumpers.

That price is crazy, about half price.

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I can't see the ad, but that would be a solid project boat.

Looked up the ad, has the current owner described the engine? When was the last time it ran?

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I'm game. Can you pick me up in orlando? Also I pick the tunes, you bring the road beer. I hope you like beastie boys, who am I kidding. You love beastie boys. How do I get back from Maine?

who doesnt love the beastie boys? honestly?

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This is beginning to sound like fun. I'm game too. If you figure out how to get back from Maine, you can probably drop me off in Kentucky on the way by. I used to do the dealership thing and was a certified Indmar tech in 04, so I come with skills. :)

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"Riverside" was a marina on Logan Martin Lake that now shows as closed as far as retail operations. But the boat could still certainly be in that area.

Is the location of the boat in Pell City Alabama just to the east of Birmingham?

The Craigslist ad says Irondale, Alabama which is the east side of Birmingham.

If so there are a few members fairly close.

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Yeah, its normally in irondale, but meeting at the boat ramp in riverside tomorrow morning. Riverside marina, at the riverside exit off I20.

I'm already in the airport to make my way down there.

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Yeah, its normally in irondale, but meeting at the boat ramp in riverside tomorrow morning. Riverside marina, at the riverside exit off I20.

I'm already in the airport to make my way down there.

Airport? What are you towing it back with?

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I learned the hard way about checking out the trailer..

Half way back from FL with my new to me boat in tow I lost an axle bearing on 1-95, as I was trying to limp off the interstate 2 tires blew out... stuck in the middle of nowhere South Carolina at 11 pm on a sunday. Lots of $$ and a semi truck later I was able to get someone to tow me to a shop.

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Haven't ever had it that bad, but had wheels break on a trailer for an old I/O, two trips to the ramp from the house in a row, and it was only 3 miles. Should have known the second one would break after the first one did. Center of the wheel hub still hangs by the door to remind me to check the trailer over before any trip

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That is the closest place to put in for sure.

I lost one of my main employees and have to work tomorrow or I would meet you there.

I will be around tomorrow evening if you need anything. I will PM you my phone.

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