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malibu v ride malibu sunscape 21 lsv difference


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Hello I am here in Australia and we are looking at a malibu to upgrade from our current boat.. We social ski as a family .That is slalom .knee board,wake board ,tube,sky ski and yes barefoot and wake skate. we are not professionals just like a good day out. I am keen on a 2006 suns cape 21 LSV as a cross over type boat with the 340 monsoon engine. and I have noticed a Vride 2006 340 monsoon engine come up for sale. can anybody tell me the difference in performance ,equipment level,wake etc of the 2 . I do prefer a flatter smoother wake for social skiing. Any good advice would be appreciated. regards Braiden.

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Hi Braiden. I cant speak for the other boats, But I have an Australian built 2006 Vride with 320LCR engine with SV23 Wake hull. We do exactly what you do with regard to the various disciplines of skiing & I love the vride. I run an Acme 537 prop, pulled out 6 teenagers on single skis, but will still pull 2 footers @ 40mph. Wake flattens out quite well at slalom & footing speeds, but you will notice the wake crossings. (I've come from a Lewis Excel 1850 so obviously the Wake is noticably bigger. But I'd never go back to a dd, love the room of the vdrive. The 2006 sunscape should have the V25 Diamond hull so may have a better wake for skiing, however maybe not, given its a bit bigger boat. Either way, I don't think you can go wrong with either boat. Are they in similar condition & hours etc?

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The V-ride should have plumbed-in ballast, a big plus for wakeboarding. For surfing, you'd still have to add Fat Sacs, or pull out the hard tanks and plumb them directly, but, still, potentially a plus.

The stock Sunscape won't have any ballast tanks, or even a tower, but the V25 diamond hull, while not perfect, is probably a better bet for slalom skiing, when compared to the wake hull.

You should probably try to demo the V-ride yourself to determine if the slalom or barefoot wake is going to work for you.

I own a 2006 Sunscape, FWIW. Love this boat! I now slalom ski 95% of the time, but back when my kids and their friends were all wake boarding, with the wedge +/- some 400 lbs. Fat Sacs, they had

all they ever really wanted.

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Thanks heaps for the advice. we have always had outboards but also ski with Nautique and Malibu owners . Just love the V rives for social skiing and the rear platform for putting on the gear. Both boats have similar hours .The V ride is a bit cheaper but I am more in favour the Sunscape . Thanks as it gets confusing with the different hulls. The V ride I have seen has the turned down outer chines though is that a ski hull or the dedicated wake hull and does the 2006 V ride have the older hull and the 2006 suns cape have the new hull. Was there a change Both boats are 21 feet?. It is correct the Sunscape has a floor ballast tank and the V ride has 3 ballast tanks.

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My V ride has full mls. 1 hard tank in each of the rear lockers + centre floor tank + bow triangle bag under the seats. Mine doesn't have the wedge fitted as it was a factory option on the Vrides as i'm told.

See the below link with regard to telling the difference between wake & diamond hulls


For specs on both boats look here;


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2006 V-ride will be on older hull, SV23 Wake, with 21' length and 93" beam.

2006 Sunscape will be on newer hull, V25 Diamond, with 21.5' length and 98" beam. Stock Sunscape has no ballast tanks at all. It has a ski locker under the floor with a larger opening, extending forward into the walkway.

Post a picture, if you can, of the stern of that V-ride, including outer chines. Hard to believe that boat would be on a Diamond hull, but it would be sweet if it were. SV23 Diamond is a great slalom hull.

Yes, there was a change in the Sunscape in 2005 from the SV23 Diamond to the V25 Diamond, and the boat went from 2900 lbs. to 3500 lbs. with the added length and beam. Can't say for sure if the poorer quality

slalom wake on the 2005-and-up Sunscape vs. the 2002-2004 Sunscape was more a factor of the new hull or the extra weight.

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