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Depth finder giving false readings


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While driving the boat, the depth finder will go from reading say 100' deep to 3-5' deep. This was happening while driving in the main channel,of Lake Powell.

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Happened on mine a few months ago at Oroville, 200ft,,250ft ,,250ft ...4ft,4ft Holy $$$hhhiiii , 200ft , 200ft. asked my dealer if he knew of any faults , and they have not had to replace any that didn't already have damage to the bottom hull

It's worked accurately since and we have been riding the delta lately, launch channels can be 4-6 feet in some spots, and main channels 15-50ft

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Do you have a through hull transducer or one that is glued to the inside of the hull?

If through hull it may be going bad. It's what mine did before it finally went dead. I had funny readings for a season then the next spring it went out.

The style that is glued to the inside of the hull can come loose over time and give funny readings. All you need to do is pull it off, clean off the old glue and stick it back in place with new stuff. Unfortunately I forget if regular 3M marine silicone will work or if something special is needed.

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I know mine picks up seaweed. Floating yesterday in > 25 feet of water my shallow alarm went off. Looked over the edge and saw a big wad of it floating just below the surface.

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I think mine is glued it. Don't think there was any seaweed or monsters. Makes it so that you can't really use the shallow water alarm as you get false readings. I will try the re glue technique to see if this works.

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This has started to happen to me the last few trips out, although my boat is much older. I did some research and I have the Teleflex TFXIDD for the gauge at least. Mine is not thru-hull and is glued to the bottom. I've played with the wires a bit to make sure I'm not losing connection. I may try to re-glue it before I replace the transducer. Right now, I've got the shallow alarm off as it will randomly register 2.5ft on the nose when I am 100+. I know the lake we usually go well but would like to get it sorted out before I head to some new ones.

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If you do swap it out make sure you get all the bubbles out of the epoxy or caulking before you stick it back on. Bubbles/Air will give false readings. Yes you can use caulking.

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I have a 15 22vlx and mine has fluctuated like this a few times. Going down the channel 18 to 25 feet then 1 foot then right back to 18 to 25 ft. It scares the s*** outa you.

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