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Stock radio removal in 2004 Response LSI


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Can someone tell me how to remove the stock radio in the armrest of a 2004 Malibu Response LXI. I figured it would be a half hour job to replace my bad head unit until I realized that I could not get to the back of the side panel where the radio is mounted from the bottom. It appears the only access is from behind the drivers seat which would require monkey arms and xray vison. I figure there has to be an easier way that I am missing. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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there are keys needed, not sure what head unit you have. you can probably use 2 small flat heads and possibly damage it, or fab up 2 small pieces of flat bar to slide in-between the head unit and the frame that holds it in place.

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I'd recommend pulling the arm rest cover off to gain better access.

A new radio should come with the needed DIN tools to remove the new radio. I replaced my Sony with a Sony, and the new DIN removal tools worked perfectly.

One thing to be heads up with is most of the new Sony radios are not compatible with the RM-X55M remote...I utilized the headphone jack to just regain the basic functions (volume, On/Off, and I think skip works)...but it does not communicate with the HU as well as the old radio.

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If it's a Sony then one of these should work. Worked for my 2005 LSV


I just tried to use this today and could not get the radio out. Turns out Malibu had screwed a bracket brace into the back of the radio. Take out the two screws thru the bottom of the radio/fuse cover and you can get your hand in there and feel the bracket and screw. A short Phillips is what you need. After taking the screw out the radio slid right out.

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First, test the radio and all the connections before you push it back in. Now to get the bracket re-attached once you put the radio back in. If you don't it will flop around in there. Do a good survey of the wires to make sure they are all plugged in and you don't have any looped around anything or on the wrong side of the bracket. I tried pushing the radio all the way back into the slot and then putting the screw in. Couldn't do it with only one hand in there so I backed the radio out about a half inch and that gave me enough slack with the bracket to line it up with the hole and thread the screw into the hole. After starting to thread it with my fingers it was easy to push the radio the rest of the way in and tighten the screw with a short Phillips screwdriver.

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