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Malibu for Surfing


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So I have a 15 Moomba Mondo and am tired, frustrated and done with try to surf behind the boat. Not to mention need a bigger boat. LastIy, I am having problems and have complaints about Moomba/SC warranty process. So, I was told by my mechanic dude (who is not vested in one manufacturer over another) that he has had the best overall experience with Malibu warranty. I imagine there are a bunch of opinions on my question however, here we go: what is the difference between the different models (other than physical appearance) and which Malibu boat is known as the best for surfing and ease of setup/use?

Hopefully this isn't opening a can of poop...tired of the bs with my current boat.

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I had the 14 Moomba Mojo and got a knee high wake for surfing. Just recently purchased a 15' 23LSV and the wake is waist high and tons of push..

Very happy with my boat!!!

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I have a 20 MXZ and the wave is just OK. I am planning to test a 22 VLX which is supposed to have a better wave and it will have a little more room. I don't need much bigger than that. I don't think I would need a 23 LSV, but I may look at them.

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I came from a '06 OBV and I know your pain, although I have to admit it did surf pretty well for a 20'.6" boat. I am obviously biased but, the 23 LSV "with the wake hull" has far surpassed my expectations for ride, utility and room and I am claustrophobic! The 23 LSV is more or less known as the Malibu "surf boat" as well. "IMO/IME" to optimize my 23 LSV it needed the 1235 prop "OEM", an 1100lb bag surf side locker and a 750lb bag in the walk through. I did make a surf gate and it works great. Others will have had different setups and results, but this works great one mine! The newer boats have pretty much addressed the upgrades those of us with older boats have done. The only complaint on my '10 is the under seat storage which tops out @ 8" to the bottom of the cushion base. The newer boats have more storage from what I have been reading. Obviously not a slalom boat!

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I agree with all of the above and would throw the Axis T22 in the mix as well. Axis now has the 5 year warranty as well...

Where do we stand with the 2015 Malibu and Axis warranties?

Are they both 3 years on the boat and 5 years on the engine?

Still not like Master Craft, 5 years on everything, correct?

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I wouldn't know what to do behind a wave that big. My little VTX is the biggest wave I've been behind. So sad now

Seems like we both have wave envy....... :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

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Crazy to me how many people jump into new boats after a year or two. These things are crazy expensive! If I was to sell my 2014 A24 right now, I would loose the nearly 8K in tax that I spent, along with what I'd imagine would be another 10k on the actual price I paid! Must be nice to be able to get a new boat every year or two I must say! ;-) Even If I wasn't wild about my A24, which I happen to love thank goodness, I would never be able to afford to sell it right now and go order another boat.

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My 2014 LSV as been great for our family. We don't usually have a big crew so while it might be overkill, my family loves it.

2 750 Sacks in rear, 600 in bow...wedge 2 clicks from bottom....creates an amazing wave with tons of push.

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15 VLX has a great surf wake, I honestly don't think I would buy a bigger boat, even if the lake I am on didn't limit the size of the boats. It is very comfortable with 10 people, and at that point I only get to ride every couple hours! The Malibu warranty has been good to me, I had a small issue with the computer since it was one of the first 15's built, but Malibu replaced it and it has been flawless since. It was only at the shop for 4 days so I didn't even miss a weekend.

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This may not be what you were asking for, but several boats today surf well. I happened to choose MB. my advice is to demo as much as you can from as many dealers as you can and be sure to consider BOTH the dealer and the brand. If you have great (brand) boat, but the dealer leaves you hanging when you need them most, you have nothing.

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WS67-What is your recipe for that wave, PNP's, wedge setting and front. Thanks

Ok so for Goofy side, Yes full Stock tanks all around, Then I fill 2 800Lbs sacks just about full in the real lockers. ( depends on how many peeps I have with me,) if we have a full crew I fill them about 3/4 full, Then this new boat likes bow weight, So either I stick 3 Large friends up front or I run a 600Lb Bow bag. Speed is 11 to 11.3 MPH and wedge 2 Clicks from lift, or 3 depends on my crew again, We do the same for reg but speed it up a few. Hope that help! absolutely Love this boat!!!

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