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I'm a DA and totally wasted 3 hours of my life.


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As the title states I did something pretty stupid and am here to MAYBE help someone not make my same mistakes. On recent outings to the lake my Rev10's were cutting off at somewhere around half volume after being on for a while, and would seemingly get worse as the day went on. In my head I was thinking that my speaker wire was too small and therefor causing my amp to go into protect mode. ( 16 gauge ). So as most of you can imagine I put it off because just the thought of running new wire through the tower did not excite me. Well last night I finally decided to tackle the project. Fished wire through my tower got it all wired back up ( about 2.5 hours ). Turned my stereo on to test, turned it up shut off......wtf. So as I started digging around more and disconnecting each speaker I found it to be my left one causing all my issues. So as I took it down I noticed the wired under the fixed clamp was quite crushed, but I didn't initially see any wire showing through. But after some further inspection on my work bench I could see slight tears in the factory wire on the positive lead. Shrink wrapped it put it all back together and voila no issues. My now over 3 hour endeavor could have been a 30 minute fix. So as if that wasn't bad enough I had put in a call to a stereo shop to possibly get some amp settings and explained my situation some and he asked me if I had checked the flash codes on the amp. DOH!!! That never even crossed my mind and probably would have saved me about 2 hours as well. The Syn-4 manual has very specific codes for troubleshooting. So from now on either ask here on the CREW for advice or ask SOMEWHERE...........could save yourself a LOT of time. Sorry for the long post.

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Well... considering I'm having exactly the same issue that you (were) having, I'm going to check for the short in the same place you did! Thanks!!

**Edit - to clarify - I have Rev 10 / Syn4 and a flashing code on the amp that says "short" when the volume gets too high. I also have a neutrik connector that I believe is the actual cause though.

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I thought you had the swivel clamps though and I thought they had different connections. Mine are the fixed clamps. Im going to add the Neutrik connectors in that link you had on the other post over the winter. My tower only gets lowered in the winter.

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You're right!

I'm going to re-wire this winter as well, but I think I'm going to go 8-wire instead of 4-wire and I think I'm going to ditch the Neutrik connector since it seems to get filled with water every time it rains :(

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My Syn4 amp is mounted in the passenger compartment ~6 feet away from where the neutrik connector currently is. My plan at the moment is just to run the wire from the hole in the hull the 6 feet down the gunnel (suspended using some sort of conduit or simple zip-tie connectors freely hanging) down to the amp. I'll screw the 4 wires for the amp in like usual and nearby I'm putting a little power block with similar screw-down holders like the amp has for the other 4 wires...

So yeah - if I ever have to take the entire off and disconnect it, I'll have to un-screw 8 screws holding the wires down and pull it through the gunnel again, but I doubt I'll ever have to do that... Also, people yank on the neutrik connector accidently all the time and I think it broke it.

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