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TXI- can you surf behinde

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Wondering with the available wedge and some weight, can you surf behind a Response TXI? I know there are a lot better boats out there for this but for a family that 90% skis, 5% wakeboards, 5% other would a TXI be useful to surf for beginners? If so for those that have, how did you weight your boat?

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My parents have a TXi and while we don't surf behind it, the wake is pretty nice for wakeboarding with wedge. I use to have a 2004 SSLxi and put 2x500lbs in an L-shape around the engine compartment and with wedge down and 10.4mph, could ride ropeless all day long. It was a lot of fun for the 3 years we owned the boat. If we didn't have the Txi in the family, we wouldn't have gotten rid of that boat. If you ski 90% of the time then the TXi is for you.

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You can surf it with two sacks - one in the back corner going across the boat and one right in front of it going the length of the boat. You may want to get some tape to cover up the vent on the sack side. No wedge needed. In fact, I think it does better w/out the wedge. Not sure why.


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It can be done. We occasionally surf when too fatigued to ski or the water looks like a weekend afternoon. I'm not weight crazy, we have 3 fat sac bricks. I go crazy with much of any list to my boat and have never had water even come close to my vents. The sweet spot ends up close to the platform. Keep in mind that you don't want a newbie back there or they could trash your transom if they fall wrong. Likewise I have pulled many boarders and they comment on the crisp wake. I've also surfed my comp.

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I would say yes.  Here's a video of my wife (who is a beginner) surfing our 2007 Response LXi Silver Edition.  

We remove the rear bench seat, weighted the boat with one 750 along the back, a 400 on the surf side, and a 400 in the bow.  Power wedge used to "tune" the wave to get enough push on either side of the boat.  I think we had four passengers in the boat on this day, and we definitely put one in the rear corner.  It's not the most glorious surf wake of all time, but plenty fun and anyone under 200# can ride without the rope. 

The only real bummer about this config is that you need to move the fat sack to the other side of the engine when you go from goofy to regular riders.  This summer i'm going to experiment with surf gates.  


Have fun!


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