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Help with 2008 VTX Surf Setup


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Evening everyone. (sorry.. miss typed VTX instead of VLX and just modified it but I cant modify the subject).. anyway... Just picked up a 2008 VLX last week and had it out for the first time yesterday and today. Trying to figure out how to get a good surf wave in this thing and could use a little guidance. The boat has the two bags in the rear at 300 lbs each. Hard tanks in the middle and front and I was told the middle is 500 lbs and the bow is 350 lbs. Any suggestions on speed, bag set up and wedge set up ? I had a Tige' before that put out a sweet wave but this one I cant seem to dial in. I also have one of the cube bags that has the handles so you can move it around. It weighs 155 lbs.

Another question.. Is 300 lbs enough in the rear lockers ? In my Tige' I was running 600 lbs each. If I need to get bigger bags are there specially made bags for the size of those lockers and if so how does the automatic ballast gauge know it is dealing with a 600 lbs bag or whatever size rather than the stock 300 lb bag ?

Sorry for the long post but thanks in advance for the help. Take care.


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Not sure I could fit an 800-1100 bag in those rear lockers. Rear lockers are 44x24x21. Currently has factory 300 lb fat sacks with all fittings. Found a Fly High Fat Sac W707 which is 750 lbs that comes close but it would fill the locker completely. I assume the fittings would line up from one sack to another by the same manufacturer. The W707 is 50x20x20. Thoughts ?

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800 rear locker and 400 on surf side seat. Fill bow tank, middle tank and rear surf side tank. Play with wedge between fully deployed to two clicks up. Speed between 9.8 to 10.8 pending on your calibration on paddle wheel

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VLX here, Factory bow, center and surf side full, 750lb in the rear, approx 400 to 600lbs in the bow, and if a small crew a 400lb sac on the surf side seat, power wedge two clicks up, speed varies from 10-11.4.

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2009 VLX. All full except non surf side, 400lb bag in rear locker, wedge two clicks up from fully deployed. But, we had to lower the speed to 9.6 to get size. Small crew, all seated on driver side (goofy wave). That puts out enough wake for me to go ropeless, I'm 6'2" 250lbs...

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Thanks for all the advice. Ordered two 750 lb bags yesterday to replace the two factory 300 lb bags in the two rear lockers. Going to play with that along with people and the fat sac 155 lb brick I have this weekend and see what I have.

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Plan to put the two 300s up front to balance out the 750s. See what kind of prop you have, probably gonna have to upgrade it. Kinda of a bummer to get the weight all setup and have trouble getting going.

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