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Losing power

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The boat takes off fine runs good for maybe 10 minutes then it's like somebody shuts off the gas. Pull the power for a minute and its takes off fine again for another 10 minutes or so. Boat has new plugs, distributor cap, rotor , fuel filters [high and low pressure],thermostat and impeller. The lanyard has been bypassed and I have a fuel pressure gauge. Fuel pressure is fine in driveway on fake a lake. I'm going to hook up the fuel pressure gauge while out on the water tomorrow while under way.

Any ideas? It's like something just stops the flow of fuel.

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Our 98 Sportster had similar symptoms when the fuel pump was dying. Idled fine, pulled the skier up, then bogged down 1/2 way thru the course. Took pump apart, cleaned it, hooked to 12v seemed to run well. Within a week died completely. New pump the cure.

BTW the mantra at our lake is "Old Guys Rule" so you are welcome anytime!! (I realize a bit of a commute for you though)

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I just took the fuel pump off an 02 for a friend who was having trouble and the screen on the inlet was plugged. Cleaned it and it works perfect now. His ran great, but would not rev over 4k.

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OK update, here is a list of whats be done.

New plugs

New distributer [installed by boat mechanic]\

New coil

New impeller

Same problem as before. I am going to order a new fuel pump. Boat mechanic suggested I try this. Should I order a code reader also? I am about take the boat to the water and pull the plugs and let it go to the bottom and take up "tidally winks".

I removed the pump and cleaned it with carb cleaner. https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=tiddlywinks&view=detailv2&qpvt=tiddlywinks&id=F906AF70FA7E6DCECFBBC5B4DE478C807BA14A34&selectedIndex=1&ccid=eR03%2b2h%2f&simid=608035578747290490&thid=JN.N9K%2bbvfii%2fLRY046prAm7Q

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