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RPM Mode with GPS..Need HELP!

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2015 T22. PCM 350 Motor.

When I purchased the boat my cruise worked in both RPM and GPS mode. Last weekend the boat would not engage the cruise when I flipped it to RPM mode and would only show the set point and "PULL" in lieu of the live rpm readout on the Cruise display.

The actual RPM needle still functioned properly but the digital readout for the RPM under the cruise control setting only showed "Pull" and did not read out the live Rpm figures when the cruise was switched into RPM mode.

I took the boat to the dealer and they are being told by Malibu that the RPM mode will not work as my boat is equipped with the GPS cruise. Dealer is telling me they replaced the Gauge and the problem is still there.

Does this seem correct to anyone? I'm calling BS as I had previously been able to use both the RPM and GPS functions on the cruise control. Does not see like the explanation from Malibu boats is accurate..

Does any one have any experience with this?

if you have GPS on your Axis are you able to run the cruise in RPM mode?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Either your speed control unit is busted or the tach lead into the control unit has lost continuity somewhere. Hopefully the latter. Check for loose wires under the dash. Unplug any wiring harnesses for the control unit and tach, inspect, and clean with electrical contact cleaner. Unplug, clean, and re plug all the connections to the control unit.

Since the analog tach is getting a signal it's probably not a problem with the sender on the engine end.

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ill try it out this weekend. Hopefully its just a connection. Dealer is also making a call to Malibu as the main issue is that Malibu is stating that I should not have the option to run in RPM mode because I have the GPS option. I think Malibu may be giving my dealer the wrong information as I was not aware that adding the GPS prevents the Cruise control form being able to run In RPM mode.

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It doesn't matter if you have GPS or Paddlewheel. Make sure when you turn on the speed control you hold the switch down until RPM mode turns on. A single click down will turn on or off the MPH speed control, and if you hold down the switch from the off position it will turn on the RPM speed control function.


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