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Sunsetter Interior Help


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Hello all! I am new here and looking into purchasing my first malibu boat. This seems to be a pretty helpful forum so i wanted to ask for a little help. I found an '87 sunsetter for sale locally with around 200 hours that seems to be in good running shape. It is definately a bit of a project but the price is right and it is close to thirty years old so thats expected. My only concern is the entire interior has been ripped out and replaced with some type of bass boat seats. This includes the bow seats and rear bench seat so its pretty ugly and not very functional. My question is, Are the drawings or dimensions available to rebuild all of the wood interior components? I have rebuilt a boat interior before but i had the old seats to use as templates so it made it pretty easy. Anyone with any info would be greatly appreciated

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Don't bother trying to match the old - go custom and create your own thing. It's a perfect opportunity. Do it all with HDPE, make some built in stuff, etc. So that people will look at it and say "Really? '87?? Wow, this thing is sweet!".

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I have looked at a couple sunsetters and think I have a feel for their value. The boat has 220 original hours apparently and seems to run fine. I can get it for $2000 but it has none of the original interior. Anyone have opinions on the price? I know something is worth what someone is willing to pay for it...

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If it floats and runs...for $2K it seems like a no brainer to buy it. Especially if you feel comfortable with a project boat. Trailer included?

Got any pictures of the boat?

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For $2k, that's a great buy. What is your end goal with the boat? I bought my 88 Sunsetter 2 years ago for $4k, and have put $9k into it making it right. It's still not done, but when it is, I will put together a nice build thread. I have had to replace stringers, transom, and decking. I have added tower, speakers, bimini, gauges, steering wheel, freshened motor, and now it is ready for Maridec and rebuilt seats going in this next week which will bring my $9k up another $2-3K for sure. My point is, $2k can rapidly grow....

Without having the original seats for templates, you are probably screwed, so I would go the custom route. I have the originals to make templates, and even that sucked.

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For 2 k, for me it would come down to rotted wood. If the stringers and transom are solid and in good shape, I'd buy it and custom do the interior to the exact specs that I wanted. If stringers, transom were in bad shape, I might pass since I do not know how to repair those. I'd have to look close at how the seats were mounted. If not doubted properly, they could expose the wood to water and rot.

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