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Call on you foil experts


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So I've never ridden a hydrofoil and I'm sure I'll never get to the skill set of most of you but I'm itching to get one and give it a shot. I've been keeping my eye out for a used board and just came across these three and wondered if they are good, bad, or otherwise. I'm not ready to throw down $3-5k for a ski quite yet but I do want to get some bang for my buck. Let me know what you think please! Oh and I'm open to other suggestions too.




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So how aggresive do you ride other toys? Are you trying jumps or flips on a wakeboard? Bike? Snowboard? Snowskiis? And how big a guy are you?

The reason I ask is because the first SS in your list is probably billet & a lot stronger. If you're a big guy who has broken a mt bike frame or snow skies, buy billet.

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I'm 200 lbs, and like to be aggressive at most things I do. My wife says I'm an idiot because even after several broken bones and surgeries I still ride moto, downhill Mountain bike, or like to drop a cliff here and there on the snow ski so I guess I feel like my goal would be to get that ski in the air eventually.

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I've been watching foilforum.com but man its hard to get your hands on anything there... They go fast.

So are all pro SS billet or is there something I should be looking for? Also when I got check out the ski, what kind of things should I be looking for on wear and tear?

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Pros built after about 2004 are billet. Prior to that, they were cast aluminum. The fork top & ball burnished seat in the second two ads are older skis. I bent or broke mine back then.

Check your local Craigslist or EBay too. The seller SKYKLE1 is Murphy who owns Next Foils now (former owner of both AirChair & SkySki). He does a lot of trading and EBay deals now. He would be worth contacting. Tell him you heard about him from me.

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Not am expert by any stretch of the imagination but I will chime in. Here's a SSPro in ok. Not sure if this is cast or billit. It has the same board and tower as mine, and mine has the billit tbar.


I bought Air chair stealth learned how to fly it and sold it quickly since it couldn't be upgraded. Picked up a nice billit SSPro, rode it for a while, and then upgraded TBar and wings. I paid $500 for my SSPro and spent < $1500 on my tbar and wings. When I get my board and tower upgraded, I will be able to re assemble my original set up and sell for $800-1000. It's an addicting sport and the better equipment has made a huge impact on my riding. There is a big consensus from riders that it is better to get to a certain equipment level, once, rather than continually over time. I have chosen the longer, questionably more expensive path due to budget constraints and am completely happy. Long ways to go but I am in to the sport for fairly inexpensive compared to many.

Edit: mine has the flame or tribal graphic board, not the one in the picture.

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