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Syn6 Blowing on-board fuses

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My boat stereo has not been without issues since the get go, with the dealer having to upgrade the amp from the HT6 to the Syn6 due to feedback noise with comments suggesting there was a problem with the chips in the HT6's and compatibility with the Viper2 system.

Now, the syn6 is blowing all 4 on-board fuses. We've checked all grounds, they look clean and are not shorting anywhere, do not see any issues with wiring anywhere else, and I'm at a loss. Wetsounds offered to RMA the amp, which is great for customer service but a pain in the behind for me and leaves me without an amp, but I'm just making sure I'm not missing something on my side that I could be doing wrong.

Of note, we tried replacing all four fuses with the boat power off, stereo levels all down on the 420 and still as soon as there is power to the amp, the fuses blow. So I know I have a dead short somewhere, just feel like I'm missing something.

Current setup:

Syn6 - Powering 2 Rev10's and a 10in WS SS-10B Sub

Standard Rockford in boat with 6-8in and 2-6in in-boat speakers off their stock Amp

420 For leveling

Any ideas, suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I would suggest "bench testing" the amp; Pull it out, find a battery, and set it up on your workbench; Hook up the main power and ground, then run the "remote" wire. If the fuses pop, the amp has an issue. If it's OK, start tracing wires in the boat. My guess is that someone crossed up a red with a black on a distribution block or the like.

BTW: A picture is worth 1000 words.

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If there was a problem/short up stream in the primary supply then the amplifier fuses would not blow and you would have either tripped the main breaker, blown the main fuse, or started welding.

If there is a problem with any of the speakers or speaker wiring then that would engage the protection circuitry and probably not blow such a large collective fuse value.

However, when it is blowing the large amplifier primary fuses you have a catastrophic internal amplifier problem.

So get it out of there and back to Wetsounds.

Btw, record everything in the way of cable and settings before you remove the amplifier. Take pics. Document the rest.

You do want to raise this question before installing the new amplifier....Is there anything in the system configuration that would lead to or contribute to the amplifier failure.

For example, when they upgraded from the HT6 to the Syn6 did they have adequate gauge supply cable for the additional current draw. Is the rest of the supply distribution up to spec. Quality of ground terminations.

Wetsounds should be able to look over the pics and the configuration to see if something stands out as unusual.

Edited by David

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Before pulling the amp, have you double and triple check the polarity of the amp's B+ and B- cables? Next, will all speakers and RCA disconnected, battery switch off, new fuses in and amp cables connected, power the system up. If the fuses blow, the issue is internal of the amp as theres no external influences attached.

here was a problem with the chips in the HT6's and compatibility with the Viper2 system.

this line still has me scratching my head. Other then the maliview acting as a remote to the source unit, there is no other coloration with the amp. You either had a bad install or a bad HT-6. I fit was the first, its likely going to still be there.

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We pulled the amp and bench tested it, it's blowing fuses even outside the boat. While it's not ruling out potential wiring problems in the boat, the amp is definitely faulty. RMA from WetSounds already issued (thanks [email protected]) and we'll be shipping it back this week. Amp Power/negative's was all done with 2 gauge. My buddy who helped me pull the amp ( my gimp self can't get into the compartment right now) took photos and documented all the wiring so we'll be good to go when we get the replacement back. Sorry for the lack of photos, I'll see if I can remediate that soon.. :)

Thanks all for your suggestions, hoping to have a replacement soon, really want my tower speakers/sub back :)

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