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Not a new topic but still could use some input...

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I know people get tired of answering this question and I have honestly tried to read as many post as I could before I throw this out but was hoping someone could help me make a decision it would be great.

Currently running a single Pro485 on my tower. I got it used and cheap and was actually just able to sell it on ebay for $50 more than I bought it for two seasons ago (not sure if I should feel bad about that or not, but hey I am not the one who bid on it and it still works great!). I am really just tired of one single speaker in the middle is why I am looking to change.

Anyways... My amp setup allows me to run 300watts into that one speaker with additional 300watts left over on the other channel when bridged.

I have about $1000 + or - that I am willing to sink into a new set of towers.

Typically we surf now a days 50% of the time with 40% hanging out at a few party coves tied up with a cruiser and a pontoon, with the remaining 10% running down the river or wakeboarding.

All that being said I have enjoyed the ability to project music but am probably now a days looking for a lot more mid bass to compliment my sub.

I have read tons of reviews about the Exile's and Wetsounds and the differences between the Surf systems and HCLDs. It seems a lot of folks are moving toward Exile's and mentioning quality of sound along with excellent customer service. I have only ever been around Wetsounds here in Middle TN and have never heard the Exile's along with NEVER having any issues with Wetsounds customer service.

On top of all this I also rode a wakeboard and surfed behind a brand new Axis over the weekend with 4 icons on it and it sounded great at a distance and close up which is confusing me even more with my decision.

My question is, is there a huge difference between the Exile's and Wetsounds when it comes to Midbass? My logic tells me a Rev10 being larger would have more midbass than a Exile 9 but could be completely wrong. Being that we are usually the ones burning our batteries during the tie up sessions would it be better to go surf system? I am so torn. I basically am just looking to see what 2 speakers are the best when being pushed 300rms x2 and can handle all of my needs at or around $1000. Also I am not limited to only Exile or Wetsounds and I see that a lot of people are now mentioning the new JL or Kicker setups but have heard neither.

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My logic tells me a Rev10 being larger would have more midbass than a Exile 9

Your logic is correct. The larger 10" speaker will always have more output and deeper midbass, then a smaller 8". More smaller speakers may have greater output, but will never play as deep. It would take 2 pair of 8" driver to exceed the surface area of a single pair of 10". The cost of 2 pair may exceed the cost of a single pair of larger 10".

would it be better to go surf system?

If you are comparing equal sized coax (a "surf system") and HLCD, then based on your usage, the coax would be the the better route. But when you toss in a 10" HLCD to the mix, its not as cut and dry. That extra surface are adds substantial mid-bass depth and output. So this allows the 10" to sound less like an HLCD and deliver more near-field SQ like a coax.

Also consider hang height. Not a huge difference between the Rev-10 and others 8" HLCD and coax pods. Even with such a close hang height, the 10" is still a large pod internally, which helps with that mid-bass.

It would be ideal if you were able to demo a single pair of 8" to a single pair of 10" and hear for yourself.

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