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2000 escape 23v tune up ?

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what plugs cap and rotor do I need. boat running rough and no power figure I would start with a tune up

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I have no idea - but I'm going to use the "teach to fish" approach and give you the following advice I wish I knew of far sooner:

If you type in google "site:themalibucrew.com keywords you want to search" it will only google search the website www.themalibucrew.com with "keywords you want to search"...
So for example, if you type in google: "site:themalibucrew.com indmar monsoon cap rotor 325" it will return a bunch of threads from this website discussing this exact topic/question and you can probably find multiple recommendations from NAPA parts to Skidim and beyond.

I imagine you would first need to know what engine your boat has, so check out your boat and compare it to the engines listed for the boats in 2000. (look on this website in Resources--> Malibu Specifications--> 2000 Specifications and you'll see what are the "Available Engines" for that year.) In my example, I mentioned the Monsoon 325... but I have no idea what you actually have for an engine...

And if you do have a monsoon, keep in mind that while the Monsoon was 325HP in 2000, it was 340HP in 2005 and changed a little bit.

If you still can't find it, someone could probably help you out better if you mention which engine you have. Good luck!

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Chances are the engine is made by Indmar and has a serial number in a somewhat visible spot, it may even be in the owner's manual you got with the boat. (The dealer is supposed to write down all the serial numbers for you in the book before they give you the packet of "goodies" that come with a new boat.)

If you have the serial number, call Indmar:

Indmar Products Co Inc

5400 Old Millington Rd
Millington, TN 38053

(901) 353-9930


I'm sure they can look up your engine in their database and tell you exactly what it is and what parts it uses.

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I have the 2000 HH

For plugs I use AC Delco MR43LTS

Rotor is part # 808483q1 QuickSilver

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