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Did you get the factory GPS chart plotter in your 2015?


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If you got the factory GPS chartplotter (maps) in your 2015, could you please post information on the SD card in the back of your 7" display? I have a Navionics "Hotmaps Premium" card that I plugged in to my 7" (yes, it's in the correct slot) but I'm not getting any maps to display. I've checked the card in an older boat with a Viper I and it works just fine, so I know it's not the card. The Navionics website only lists the Viper (not Viper II) for compatibility, so I'm curious to see what you have in your boat.

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Did the SD card come with the purchase of the boat or was it added later? I have not opened the "bag" of stuff that came with the boat. I will look to see what is in there!

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You would have to order the GPS software when you order the boat, it doesn't come by default.

I called Navionics and Medallion today, Navionics has no idea what is going on, and I'm waiting on a call back from Medallion. I also called Malibu and asked if they have different part numbers for last year vs. this year. I'll update the post as soon as I have more info.

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So far no further information from Navionics or Malibu; My short conversation with Malibu indicated that the SD card is a dealer sourced option and there isn't a Malibu part number for it. Medallion has the info, and as soon as they call me back I assume I'll have an answer.

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Wasted trip. Two things on order did not arrive. Asked about software and was told not in stock....several options available.

Would like to know this works before ordering.

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You need a GPS receiver dongle that plugs into the Viper II, in addition to the hotmaps premium. At least that's what my dealer told me.

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@Brian Young I have the Hotmaps Premium card and it doesn't work, that's why I started this thread, I'm/we're trying to figure out if anyone has the chartplotter working. I have a GPS antenna plugged in to the Viper II and have 8+ satellites with good signal strength, the diagnostic screen shows my lat/long and GMT, and I have chartplotter basemaps from 150 miles and out. I'd like to have the .1 mile chartplotter functionality of the Hotmaps Premium but a known working card causes the chartplotter to not function. I'm trying to get information from Medallion as to what SD card they used for testing so I can the correct region of the same card version. So far nobody at Medallion has called me back and I've called them every other day; Next week I may step it up to every day until I get a response.

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I talked to Scott at Medallion yesterday and he stated that they use the Navionics Hotmaps Premium when they test. He also stated that the Hotmaps Platinum is known to _not_ work.

Scott asked me what the current firmware is on my system and the boat is ~45 min away from me at the moment so I'll have to check on that later. If anyone has access to Hotmaps Premium via dealer stock, old/other boat, friend's boat, etc. I would ask you to test it in your boat and report back. You can always put the SD card in "write lock" to make sure the 2015 dash system doesn't write anything to the card (it doesn't).

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I received an email from Navionics today stating "According to the support techs at Medallion, they tested the HotMaps Premium North in the ViperII platform. The maps came up, all the detail could be viewed." However, they also stated that the card could go in either of the two SD car slots on the back of the Viper II (nope, it can only go in the "maps" slot according to Medallion & Malibu) and they stated that they were sending another card to Medallion for testing/qualification of the Viper II units.

I'm going to leave the card in the each of the slots on the Viper II for at least a day this weekend to see if I can get the maps to come up; I've defaulted to using my iPad mini instead of the 7" display for chartplotting functionality for now.

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@mikeo did you get this resolved? I just picked up my LSV on Saturday and I am not getting a gps fix although I do get up to 4 satellites to show. What "GPS Antenna" did you have to plug into the Viper II to get a fix? I planned on ordering the Navionics card today but would like to know what you found out.

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@greba I'm sure you're already figured this out, but here's an update (too late, I missed the notification that someone had posted to this thread)

Here's the antenna I bought:


It's not the greatest and for some reason isn't picking up WAAS signal, I need to try to figure out why. I also found out that my Navionics card was partially corrupted; the '13 would read it and load some map data, but the '15 just wouldn't read it. The Navionics "Hotmaps Premium" is the card you want, just make sure to get the correct region version for the area you're in.

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Hmmmm. WAAS should come in fine through that antenna. I would check with Medallion to see what GPS they used in the unit. Ask them specifically if they have WAAS enabled by default, and if it actually works.

I never could get my old Sirf unit to use WAAS.

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On my 2016 23 LSV, Malibu told me I had to have the gps puck antenna and Navionics Plus card. I mounted the antenna in my dash behind the windshield and plugged it in beside the wifi antenna and it works great. Also it made the compass direction indicator come on in the main display dash. Super easy install if you take your time. 

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20 minutes ago, OneZero81 said:

So you need a separate GPS antenna?  Don't I already have one with the zero off speed control?

ZeroOff GPS feeds the ZeroOff system and that interfaces with the Viper II and the ECU for speed control; The GPS antenna we're referring to interfaces directly with the Viper II and enables the compass and chartplotter. There is a good thread that details exactly what you need to do here:

To provide an update on my previous post, I do have a Hotmaps Premium SD card that works; there are different "updates" to the card (2GB vs. 8GB updates) and I hope to do more testing this weekend.

The real short version is that for $160 you can get chartplotting up and running in your boat; $10 gets you the compass. The antenna doesn't need to be mounted on the surface of the boat, mine is under the dash and works just fine.

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