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Wet Sounds HT-6 - Thoughts on this amp?


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I'm currently running 4 RF 6.5s in my RLXI on a RF 400-4D (for sale in classifieds). Wanting to add a 12" sub under the drivers feet in a custom kick panel.

I didn't really want to add a second 1x amp to power the sub. Considering upgrading to the 6 channel Wet Sounds 900x6. Anyone running this amp?

Setup would probably be Front speakers on channel 1&2, rear speakers on channel 3&4. Bridge 5/6 for the sub.

Comments welcome. Below is the amp I wanna run. Not sure on Sub yet. Probably find a RF 12" so everything matches, but open to a JL or something else.


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This is the one of the amps that came with my SP2 package. I, personally like the amps and the system but I am also not looking for the highest output system that many others do.

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The dealership had to replace the HT-6 (brand new) and wound up changing me to the Syn-6 because of "chip related issues causing feedback in the system". I do not profess to be extremely knowledgeable on stereo equipment, so other than this is what the dealership did and said, I have no real meat to back their statement. Best of luck.

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I'm sure the HT6 will get the job done, and you'll have the support from WS if you have any issues.

Here's a couple of alternatives capable of sub duty.

Clarion XC6610, very similar to the HT6 and does more than rated. http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_71987_Clarion-XC6610.html

PPI P900.5, I love these amps. Been rocking them on my boat since 2011. Well reviewed everywhere http://www.amazon.com/Precision-Power-P900-5-5-Channel-Amplifier/dp/B00DRMQ2N2

If you'd be willing to go for 2 amps, a PPI P600.2 and P1000.1 would serve you well. That's a wapping 1600 watts for $280

PS: I understand where you're coming from on matching everything, but if performance is your goal I'd try to look past brand name and focus on value. Example, I run 6.5" Silver Flute mids in my truck. You've probably never heard of Silver Flute and you probably wouldn't believe that this $30 driver is the same driver used in the $6k/ pair Gemme Tanto's as well as other hifi boutique speakers.

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Appreciate the info - keep it coming.

@CRFRider - I considered the Clarion. I had a full Clarion system in my Mastercraft once upon a time and it always served me well and never faltered. Heck its probably still in there as I type this and I haven't seen that boat in 5 years.

PPI, actually never heard of them but I'll do my research and see whats out there on them. I'd rather not run two amps. Thats just a wiring challenge I don't want to deal with. However it would be easier if I added a second amp because I could just buy a one or two channel amp and be done with it.

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I decided to follow your recommendation and pick up the Clarion XC6610 in 1000 watts x 6. Amp board and amp should arrive this week and I'll get to work on it. Will probably pick out a sub shortly.

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Cool man. That amp is not 1ohm stable, so remember when you go to pick out a sub, make sure it's 2ohm if it's a single voice coil sub, or 4ohm if it's a dual voice coil sub. I'd look for a sub with a high sensitivity rating and use a ported enclosure so you'll get the most bump for your buck. You're not going to get much power from the amp for sub duty.

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He cannot get a 2ohm sub on that amp(clarion) properly. He needs a 4 ohm sub or a DVC 2ohm sub.

That amplifier will do 85 watts to each 4 ohm inboat @14.4 volt

So at 12v he will see maybe 65 watts of it...

For the sub it is 250 watts bridged @ 14.4v

So he will see 220 maybe at 12v..

Low end 4 ohm sub is what will fit.

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Soooooo.... reco's for 4ohm subs in 12"? Planning a sealed box probably hidden behind the drivers kick plate.

Wet sounds 12"

JL Audio 12"

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Which JL 12, they offer about 9-10 different models. Unless you are looking to upgrade the sub wattage (new amp) in the off season, then I would look for a 12" woofer thats going to be a better match for the current amp. The Wet Sounds XS-12 would allow you to upgrade to something in the 500-700 watt rms range latter, as well as maybe the JL W3. For your current amp, the W0 or W1 would be a better match, as well as the Kicker Comp series. Honestly, I prefer the Kicker KM10 marine 10 over the Comp-12. The KM-10 is a prefect match power wise and comes in a single 4 ohm and even includes LEDs.

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Not planning on upgrading amps again. This x6 Clarion is all I'm planning on running. 4 interior RF 6.5s and a sub. My slalom boat doesn't have tower speakers :D.

Kicker KM10? I like the red LEDs - would match my interior LEDs. Can this go in a sealed box?

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1.25 cuft. sealed and it will pound (for a 10) on 200 watts.. I say a 12 on 200 watts won't be as musical...

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