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FAE for Power Wedge II

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Stephen, super easy to install the flanges. They use the existing 4 screws that hold on the oem rubber flappers. Kevin, if you do need a hand would be more than happy to come over and help when you do your install. Funny, I was just going to install the flanges and get everything ready for you to come over today and before you know it I was installing the entire pipe... it would definitely be easier with two people and another set of hands. The PW2 has four bolts and wedge will drop when they are removed, I used a floor jack with a 2x4 to keep the foil up in the air.

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I am highly interested in your test results for noise reduction since I share same view of engine loudness. We have 2015 23 LSV w 350 engine and love the boat and surf wave. Our prior boat was 07 Tige 22Ve with FAE and gloriously quiet for in-boat chats w passengers and very easy talking (not shouting) w surf riders behind the boat. Now we have this horrendous noise and really really really dislike. We have to SHOUT LOUDLY at the riders for coaching, wave feedback etc. SUX!!

Wondering price of the unit? Also wondering about any underwater drag issues or wedge performance detractions.

Anybody else in Atlanta area doing same thing?

Thx and wish you guys were closer. I'm a DIY guy but not on complicated boat stuff like this so may have to go w the dealer and the $100/hr shop fee - ouch.

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FAE is around $500. Give or take depending on boat. Not super challenging to install if you have standard flapper exhaust ports. FMan's was a little more challenging since it was the prototype for the pw2. As far as drag, at higher speeds you will notice a little spray but doesn't affect wave. Not real noticeable at surf speeds.

Well worth the money.

Surfin USA [emoji570][emoji475]

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Noise reduction is my primary reason for ordering the FAE. I purposely did not order the turn down tips to replace with the FAE. Having the turn down tips on the last boat it was considerable quieter than my current vlx. It was a 350 compared to a 409, maybe that has something to do with it. Also hoping this will help reduce tower speaker volume necessary to project to the rider at wakeboard distance. I have to admit, once installed the FAE feels solid and well built. If a little spray is all I notice at wakeboard speeds I would be totally fine with that, hoping boat does not handle or feel any different in the water.

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Not to brag, but just as an example on how easy it was to install. My nine year old son and I installed ours, and I pretended to follow his directions, (while actually supervising). The pictures and instructions make it a super easy install, I really can't explain how easy it is. Hardest part was getting the rubber over the pipes, (which just needed some liquid soap). I did have to widen the bolt holes on the square tube about 1/16th, I think they might not have been straight on the predrill that they shipped. I might have been able to tap them in but I didn't want to mess up the threads.

I would compare it to swapping out the alternator on my truck, he did that almost by himself, I just had to break the bolts loose and pull the tensioner pulley, and then I torqued them when he was done.

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do you have any more pictures available? side view?

Yes, I have a few more pics. Keep in mind I had to grind off the second mounting tab on each side of the pipe (inside) to allow clearance for the foil, and cut down the top mounting bracket. Larry said he would send me a new pipe once the water test was finished. Overall its solid and I am not expecting any issues on the water with it.





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Any comment on engine noise reduction. Boat arrived with the stainless tips. Is this a direct bolt on with those tips? The LS3 is loud!

Do we know if these are ready for shipment ?

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Ok, FAE PW2 is officially released into the wild! Got my lake test in today, performed great. Definitely a nice noise reduction from the rubber flappers with the 409. I really notice it while wakeboarding and surfing, and its even more quiet in the cabin of the boat while cruising. Did not notice any performance issues compared to the rubber flappers.

So far thumbs up for me! :thumbup:

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