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New Malibu owner old boat problems....

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Hey Gang have been a member and trolling the site almost every night, great site and tonnes of great info. Purchased my first Malibu ski boat this winter from the Malibu dealer (one owner 96 response, swoop tower, 816hrs, dealer sold and serviced great shape and deal)

Had it out at my lakehouse for the first time Friday night fired up and ran great but a couple small issues cropped up.

-While going at a good clip 32-35mph engine would bog, rpm's drop then suddenly pick back up again, did it about 5 times, It definitely feels electrical to me and I will start with all the basics.

-Water leaking at a good stream out of the back of the HDS box right where the steering cable mount goes through to the HDS box I am assuming. It is a bolt through that just spins and there is a washer that is siliconed and that is where the leak is coming from it cannot be tightened and looks like the HDS has to be opened up to reseal.

I can't seem to find any literature or pics pertaining to this kind of leak, I understand the HDS are prone to leaks around the box but this seems a little odd that it is coming from this mounting bolt. Any guidance or wisdom would be appreciated gang, thanks.

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Here's one possibility as I see it (assuming carburettor engine):

Since your engine issue is only at sustained, high speed (= sustained high fuel flow) it may be that the fuel filter is blocked or the carb inlet strainer blocked or fuel pump inlet screen blocked...?

Theory is, the float bowls are able to stay filled at lower fuel demand but when the fuel flow requirement exceeds the rate at which fuel can be delivered past the blocked filter or whatever to the carb, the float level falls and engine starves. You throttle back for a bit, fuel demand decreases, bowls refill and you're away again until the cycle recurs.

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Welcome to the crew!

Like Greenman said, you probably have a fuel problem. Either the filter, the pump, or the float level (if it is a carb engine) is the culprit.

As for the HDS, you shouldn't have any problem pulling the panel off to investigate. Use 4200 sealer when you reassemble it.

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