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axis sound pack three way underpowered and how to fix?


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I have a 2014 A24 It has sound pack three witch consists of

one SYN 6

one SYN4

6 SW-650 in boats

two REV 410's

and one XS12

So the SW-650's and the XS 12 seem to be ran off of the SYN 6 and the two REV 410's off the SYN 4 This would give the two 410's 250 watts a piece because the SYN 4 is capable of 125 watts X four at 4 ohms channels correct? When in reality the 410's rms rating is 400 watts.

This leaves the SW-650's and the xs 12 to be powered from the SYN 6. So the SW-650's would be at 40 watts each and the xs 12 with 310 watts correct?

Im wondering if I'm thinking along the correct lines in my above statement and how best to add an amp to this system to get everything powered much closer to their RMS ratings to get the most out of this system.

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Just to clarify......

With the pair of Rev-410 bridged on a Syn-4, they are receiving 400W rms to each. Nothing under powered there.

The XS-12 should be bridged on chnls 5/6 of the Syn-6 and getting 600W rms. Thats spot on solid wattage for the XS-12

The 6 SW-650 are receiving about 60W rms to each. Less then what they will handle, but thats respectable power for 3 pair of in-boats.

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thanks for the info! I didn't think my numbers were correct. I was sitting here thinking why would the factory do this?!

Also I have the dual Optima yellow tops and i notice after about 1 or 2 songs playing with the motor off my voltage will drop off pretty hard. do I need to add another batt. or is there something I'm doing wrong?

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How are the batteries configured? Wired in parallel or on a dual bank battery switch of some sort. Really important to know what the voltage level is to begin with and then what its falling to. By themselves, those batteries will not yield a lot of anchor ply time, but way longer then a couple songs.

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