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Wiring Tower


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So my tower has no holes to run wire in. You can see the type of tower in my avatar. I can post a pic later if needed. Best options? Just start drilling holes or? Also, I'm wanting to run an LED light bar on the front for beaching, docking and night loading. My tower has seperate pipes for the front and rear... MORE holes? I'm wanting to run four 8" speakers up top and an LED bar in the front as well as back.

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On my Sunsetter LX I installed a swoop classic tower that is basically a double bar system to the top a lot like yours. I put a 22" LED bar forward and 14" rear facing, along with tower speakers as well. For me the way the lights were mounted I ran the wire from the front facing bar to the back bar, it was actually closer to run it there than double back to the front. I can send you better pictures if you need. The lights are definitely great for docking and loading after dusk, they'll light the whole shore!

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So you fished it through the crossing bars at the top? Yeah pics would be great. Either here or you can email them to me. I can PM my email address.

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I used to have a 2000 vlx the same tower. For fishing our wires from the bottom of the tower to the top, we used a piece of string and a shop vac. Put the string in the bottom hole and shop vac at the top hole, start the shop vac and suck the string out the top. Then tie your wire to the string and pull it through. I'm sure something similar can be done for what you're wanting to do.

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Not sure what your expecting here, but if you want lights & speakers, you need holes.

I can't see much in your pic as I'm on a phone & the pic is less than 1/2" wide. But if its a Swoop, you will have a lot of holes to go from one tower section to the next. Maybe go with less speakers? Definitrly use grommets. Also the Swoop is known for having a lot of movement when you load a lot of weight on it.

I used a string and a shop vac to run mine. Worked pretty easy.

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cool idea with the shop vac! Never would have thought of that one

I don't recall what kind of string it was, other than it was lightweight & I tied the end into a big knot to kind of give it some weight. And I ran the string downward.

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We just used a piece of string off of a spool that we had laying around. As long as you dont have a ton of holes already in the tower or anything else in there that would impede the string, the shop vac will bring it through pretty quickly. It only took our like 3-4 seconds to get from the top center to the bottom right. I was shocked how well it worked.

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