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Dumb Dumb Dumb 2015 Shower


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Not sure who at Malibu decided on the change, but we ordered our 2015 LSV with the transom Shower. I've installed showers on 3 previous boats myself. Decided to go with factory installed this time since we got the LS3 and its closed cooled.

The problem is the location. The controls are under the starboard engine hatch where they've been now for several years. However, the actual pull out shower head is mounted on top of the starboard side deck in front of the engine cover, instead of putting it next to the controls under the engine cover. It's right where people get in and out. And they drilled a big 2"hole in the top deck to accommodate it, so now I can't even move it if I wanted too. What the heck were they thinking?? Typical use for sower is while sitting on swim deck. Controls are easy to get to from swim deck but you have to reach over the engine cover and pull shower head out to get it over to swim deck. Nothing about it makes sense. I'll take some pics when I get home tonight.


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I hate location of my shower head also. (2014 24 MXZ) they placed it on the starboard gunnel, which makes sense, until you add ballast bags. Then the bags push the shower handle out.

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I was in TN two weeks ago to watch my boat be built and I saw the same thing; I'm disappointed by where the shower head is located. I thought that being at the factory I would be able to catch things like this, but the shower install is done during a step where the wiring harness is installed, not when the rest of the holes are drilled in the hull for the underwater gear, ballast system, etc.

Based on when/where in the factory the hole is drilled it makes me think that there isn't a template used and the only guidance provided to the line workers is "don't cut the wiring harness". I think I know the correct person to ask about this change, but I need to start with Tech Support, then move to a Production Supervisor, and finally get to Engineering. I'll update the thread with what I find out. At least my reason for getting the shower has limited use: for when the kids complain they're too cold from swimming and want to go in. I can warm them up with the shower and wrap them in a towel/blanket so the rest of us can stay out!

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I hate location of my shower head also. (2014 24 MXZ) they placed it on the starboard gunnel, which makes sense, until you add ballast bags. Then the bags push the shower handle out.

Ya, my Wakemaker's custom sacks push my shower head out a few inches when the sacks are completely full. Also, a hot water shower on a partially closed cooled engine isn't hot--it's only warm. In hindsight, I would not have ordered it. I also feel the controls are a little in the way when putting stuff in the rear locker.

If it bothers me a lot this summer, I may have my dealer remove it and patch the hole over the winter. AWS does great gel coat work, so I think it is something they could do.

My advice to anyone ordering a partially closed cooled engine (ie LS3)--skip the hot water shower.

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Got a pic? Yeah, that makes zero sense. So many other mounting options... On my 2011 they just left the shower head laying in the ski locker with all the extra hose.

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