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Impeller help and oil pressure concerns

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I just bought a 91 Malibu 195 skier with the 5.7 Chevy. Had it out 2nd time and temp started to climb to around 215. I limped it back and temp dropped slightly to 200 ish. I have looked for an hour and can't find a part number for the impeller with my limited computer skills. Next after I run the boat for hour or more the oil pressure drops to 18-19psi at around 600rpm. Is this ok. I only ask because the idiot light comes on until around 20psi or 1000rpm. Any idea where I can find the valve cover plugs to route my air breather tubes. Any help would be a huge thanks.

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Here is some part #'s that you can google.

sea water impeller kit 46-807151A14 there is a company called Sierra that makes these parts as well. their part # is 18-3150

Just the impeller 47-59362 / Sierra # 18-3087

The housing is made of plastic and I never had luck with them, I would go through at least two impellers and housings a summer. If you can get ahold of a brass housing it is worth the money. I got one for about $160.00 on ebay but I just looked and couldn't find any for sale now but you might be able to find one by googling brass 46-807151A14.I put a new impeller in every year for piece of mind but they come out looking like new with the brass housing. Also Make sure you pull off the hose to your oil cooler and pull out any rubber chunks that may have come off your impeller. I have also found it's better to haul a** back to the dock, it forces the water into the engine and it will cool down rather than going slow and giving your temp gage the death stare, that's just my own experience though so don't hold me to that. Oil pressure seems ok just check the level, my light will flick on and off with the smallest wakes if I don't fill it up about a 1/16 over the full line on the trailer and dead level. what weight oil are you running? You can go to just about any auto parts store and tell them you want a PCV valve for a small block 350. that's what the thing that goes into this valve cover is called. hope this helps you out, let me know if you have anymore questions.

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When I looked the impeller up it shows 1996 and up... Just bought boat not sure what weight oil was used. What is a good choice for oil brand and weight?

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