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22 VLX or 23 LSV


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Okay, I have narrowed my boat down to these two. The 22 is the sharper looking boat and it has sparkles. The 23 has a more classic color scheme (no sparkles). Just about everything else is exactly the same and they are almost the exact same price (within 1K). What do you guys think? Everything I really care about, they are equal, but I was curious about resale and wanted opinions.

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Most concerned about resale. I primarily wakeboard and they will both kill it at that. I would really like some surf feedback.

If your worried about resale you should buy a used boat and let someone else take the hit.

Otherwise I really like sparkles.

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If they are pretty much identical boats and only $1k difference, there's no question...go for the LSV. Especially if you're concerned about resale...they seem to be selling very well.

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Old thread (sorry)

Is the interior space/people carrying capacity dramatically different between the '15 VLX & 23 LSV? How much of a difference does the extra 14"11 make?

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I would say an entire back seat length and width of the boat, significantly more imo. 3-4 people more.... The 22 VLX is bigger than previous years but not near as large in the cabin as an LSV. I like the size of the 22 VLX but I do not take out 10 people every day either, if I had a large family w/kids taking there friends or took a large group out often, could store the boat, wanted to tow more weight, LSV all the way. No regrets with the 22 VLX it works for us, but for some it might be too small.

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I did a photo comparison last Fall when the 22 VLX first came out. Here are the results.

In each series of pics, the 22 VLX is first, followed by the 23 LSV. I'm 5'10"

Entire cockpit:



Starboard side of cockpit (wakeview seat up):



Starboard rear corner & cooler cushion:



Sitting against the "wake view" seat on the starboard side:



The cooler:



The rear tubs:



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