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3 or 4 Blade Props..

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I currently have a 3 blade on my Response LX....are there any advantages of replacing it with a 4 blade? I've heard that 4 blades "grab" the water out of the hole better. What do you all think.


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Some of the new 3 blade CNC props have blade area near or equal to that of a four blade. If you are still running the CVP stainless that was OEM you owe it to yourself to get a CNC prop. By far the best thing I have done to my boat.

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I have a 4 blade on mine. It appears to have a little softer prop wash in the center of the wakes than a 3 blade.

The 4-b may lose a little top end but I never need to go faster than 34.2. :)

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I agree with Clay. I have been running an ACME 4 blade for 2 seasons now. When I bent it last week I put my 3 blade spare on while it is being repaired. I definitely notice less of a hole shot with the 3 blade, granted mine is not one of the new ACME 3 blades. The 3 blade seems smoother in the mid range though, but is much easier to maintain speed with the 4 blade, especially while wakeboarding.

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CNC'd 3 blade is the way to fly. Thumbup.gif More blade surface than a standard 4 blade = more holeshot than you can hang on to. Biggrin.gif

Brand? I have an OJ XMP 13 X 12 3 blade on my 00 Sporty and one of my ski buddies has the same dimension CNC'd ACME on his 99 Sporty and I defy anyone to feel a difference. They are both top notch companies putting out top notch props.

Good luck. :)

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Go Acme 3 blade. The group buy on Acme is open until the 6-20, plus Acme wrote the book on CNC. All others are knock offs.

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Michael, this thread is almost ten days old. What? Are you bored?

I wish I had a compelling reason to try a new prop, but I don't like the trade-offs for any benefits. ACME 13x12 seems about a perfect match for my hull.

Now, if ACME called and said they had a prop that would give me more holeshot, AND more top speed, AND hold better at ski speeds w/less RPM, AND produce a slightly softer slalom wake, AND smooth it out at little at 95 feet back. . .I'D TAKE IT! Love.gif

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