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23 LSV Wake

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23 LSV with the standard wedge and ballast tanks. Any suggestions on how to get a decent size wave to surf on? Is is possible without the power wedge at halfway down? Im contemplating putting a fat sack in the rear storage but theres a sticker in there saying not to exceed 75lbs, whats with that???

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Check out this link. Riverrunner did a good job on this subject. as far as the 75 lbs. You would never be able to set back there and work on it. I'm 265lbs and when I set back there there is more PSI then a 750lbs.



In other words, its almost impossible to surf behind a LSV Whistling.gif

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Tried it for the first time this weekend on my '06 LSV... first time with this boat - first time wakesurfing at all.

setup: mid ballast full, port ballast full, power-wedge at 1/2.. 4 adults sitting on the port side.. tried various speeds from 8.5-11.5. best wake seemed to be around 10.5-11.

board: Hyperlite Coex. 4'4"..

First off - tons of fun. Couldn't QUITE keep the rope slack enough to 'free' ride for more than a few seconds.. not sure if it's me, the board, the wake or a combination of all 3.. but I can get into a spot where I can kind of 1-finger it.. where there's JUST enough tension to keep me going, but the wake is doing about 99% of the work.

Definitely a fun way to go when the water gets too churned up to wakeboard.


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Big Gator - get a 750 fat sac and put it in the back locker on the side you want to surf.

not sure what you and your crew weigh in at, but the coex could be a bit small for you.

i've tried the Liquid Force Brigade 4'6', the CWB Tsunami 4'9" and was able to let go of the rope, but had to pump quite a bit (then again I'm 200lbs).

i also have a Hyperlite Landlock, and a Rip Curl 6'8" that I can ride until my legs tire. usually it is just me behind the boat, my wife driving, center full, back starb full, and a 750 sac in the locker.

the rip curl is actually my favorite so far - it is an ocean board - very light and quick (even though it is a bit long), can carve all over the place. i'd like to get a 5ft ocean board - perhaps a fish shape but with a rounded tail...

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