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Trailer unloading Q

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The ramp I use is not particularly steep. As a result, we have to back the tow vehicle deep into the water, even then the boat is barely in the water (just enough to cover the water intake by about 2 ft or so). This situation forces us to use reverse (about 2k rpm) and some hearty pushing to get the boat into the water. Loading isn't a problem, as I can just drive the boat up and then winch at the same time and it works fairly easily.

Anyone have any advice on ways to make the boat slide off the trailer a little more easily. I have seen roller bunks advertised as well as a different material that has a lower friction than the carpeting that is on the bunks now. Any thoughts?

Here are the two products I've seen.

Roller bunks

Trailer bunk slicks


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Liquid Rollers works very well, makes the trailer real slippery. Also helps when you need to push the boat side to side to center it on the trailer.


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I'm not a fan of making the bunks slippery or using rollers since I've seen too many I/O's with roller trailer falling off at the ramp. Have you tried backing down at a reasonable speed and locking the brakes to "shake" it off the trailer? Once you initially break the boat free it should slide right off while under power.

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I was with someone that launched an outboard on a roller trailer. When he unhooked the winch while in the 'stageing area of the ramp' I said I didn't think that was a good idea as the ramp was a little steep. He said, I do it all the time. OK, his boat. He starts backing up and wham, the boat comes off and lands with the bottom corner of the transom sliding across then siting on the blacktop about 3 feet short of the waters edge. Then he hooked the winch up, to pull the boat back up. He was lucky the motor was up, only damage was scratches to the gel coat, he was lucky. That's what safety chains are for!

I don't unhook the winch or safety chain till the boat 50% or more over water. I might try that slick stuff. Wonder it it would cut down abraision if used on carpeted side guides on a boat lift too. Or would it leave crud on the sides of the boat?

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I use the LR spray too - works wonderfully ... in fact, I better go pick up some more - it tends to last about a season.

It does work pretty good, and you would want to keep your bow strap on until youre at the waters edge (but that is normal safety anyway)

It makes the loading and unloading less violent and forec full - which is quite a bit safer

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Forgot to mention that LR stays around for a long time and keeps the carpet slippery so, don't ever undo the bow of the boat unless it's half in the water.

I think that stuff is just 3M "Dry" Silicone spray. It sure does smell just like it.

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Liquid Rollers, Silicone Spray, WD-40 (!)...hehehe, lubing the bunks works MUCH better than the "slick bunks" that scratch the hull.

Like they said, wait until water's edge to unhook the bow strap.

Peter. :)

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Aerosol silicon spray once every 4 weeks during the season. You know it is due when you lean on it and nothing happens!

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Anyone put "Bunkaps" on the trailer? My carpet is strarting to go. I can recarpet for $50 tops or drop $600 on the "Bunkaps"............there not cheap!

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Anyone put "Bunkaps" on the trailer? My carpet is strarting to go. I can recarpet for $50 tops or drop $600 on the "Bunkaps"............there not cheap!

I'm not a huge fan of how the ends are pointy on those. Seems like on a shallow ramp, you could put scratches on your hull. Also, with teh white vinyl, would these leave white lines on the hull of a dark boat? To be honest, it's so easy to recarpet, I personally prefer that.

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