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How do I exit preset configurations in MaliView?

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I have not used any of the presets in Maliview this year until last past weekend. I always set the ballast and wedge the way I want for surfing, then select which side for surfgate. I do all of this in the Malibu touch control. Last week we surfed for awhile then somebody wanted to wakeboard so i just used the intermediate wakeboarding preset in MaliView. Easy stuff.

Well when we were done wakeboarding I went back and the setting up in MTC and took off. Nope, can't do that. The preset for wakeboarding was still active. How do I exit the presets in MaliView and go back to my manual configuration. I never figure it out so I had to do a power cycle.

I know I could edit the preset but.....there ought to be a way to exit the preset. Did I miss something?

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There are several factory presets. "Go home", "wakeboard advance", "wakeboard intermediate", "wakeboard beginner", "surf left" and "surf right". Push the "go home" button, it will then give you a caution on the bottom part of maliview screen to raise the wedge. At this point put in idle forward to go at least 2 mph and the hit the raise wedge button on touch command screen. Once wedge is up completely up you are able to go cruise manually. If you want cruise control to take over, before you add power, hit the on/off/enter button to turn cruise on (when you hit the go home button it also defaults to "speed off" so if you want cruise control on while cruising, you have to hit the on/off/enter button to turn cruise on, before adding any throttle/power. Safe boating and have fun!

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I'm very pleased with my 2014 23LSV which I've out 50 hours on. The presets in MLS work fine but now I want to create new ones and make adjustments and I failed the idiot test. Does anyone know where I can find a more comprehensive user manual? Here's what I want to do.

Scenario 1. Driving using Factory wakeboard beginner setting (18mph, no weight or wedge). Rider wants to speed up a bit to say 20mph whilst riding. I accelerate through the green control range on the Maliview (getting the over speed warning) to 20mph. I want to then hold it at 20mph and not have to keep adjusting the throttle but have it do it for me.

Scenario 2. Goofy rider at factory surf (10.4 centre and both rears, wedge and surfgate). Rider wants more. Stop, fill front tank, accelerate to 11mph which I do manually. When stationary, select save preset. It offers a picture. How do I enter text so I can name it "Goofy advanced etc".


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