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22 VLX Ordered and can't wait


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If Malibu boat builder on 22 vlx would ever work I would post picture. I went with all Vapor blue and silver metal. It's going to be a long winter looking at it in the garage.

In that case you might as well post a picture of the garage, so we can all wait impatiently with you.

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Just curious did you consider the 23 lsv? I am curious what is swaying people to go 22 vlx over 23 lsv? Price is within $3k of each other. What motor did you go with?

Congrats on the boat, sweet color scheme...

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I have always liked the vlx over the lsv. So I never looked at the lsv. I got the 350 with High Altitude prop. I just don't get the need for the bigger motor. It cost what 8-10k more?? For what to spend more on gas. I don't get it. I have never had a problem with standard motor. I think I got everything but a couple of the little extras other than motor. Didnt get pop up bow light. Had it before and liked it but don't see extra $. Upgraded the tower AMP from a RF 500 to a WS SD2. The 500 no where near enough for 4 rev 8s. Docking light, transom lights, front ballast, panoramic mirror, wake view seating, logo carpet... Only got one set of racks bc got the surf pockets in top. The new racks are kinda brushed vs chrome. Like them better should be better to clean

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At this point with the new hull...I would forget adding the stereo, lights, heater, racks, etc....and upgrade the Motor....you could add all that stuff later in little projects. If you are big surfer, you will enjoy the bigger motor.

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If all you do is surf, then you definitely want the torque prop over the high altitude prop. The high altitude prop is the 1235 (14.5", 14.25 pitch). The torque prop is a 15" with a 12 pitch. Your top speed at WOT will drop from about 43 mph with the high altitude to about 39 mph with the torque prop, but you will gain a lot of low end grunt force for surfing.

I still think you should at least upgrade to the L96 engine, but if that is a no go, at least do yourself a favor and get a 12 pitch prop.

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The upgrade $$$ from the high altitude prop to the torque prop is about $100. Buy the torque prop after the fact will cost you $650. You could probably sell the high altitude prop, but they are not in as much demand as they used to be. You might be able to get $450 to $500 (less shipping costs) for it.

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I have and I dont see the need for a big motor. someone tell me why its worth all that money. I just sold my old boat and not one person that called about it asked about if motor was big enough. I just don't see that money comming back in any form. The 1% hard core guy might want it but 99% just want a nice boat at fair price. Will for sure check into the prop

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Blake, it is a function of what you want to do. The 350 will work just fine until, you fill the boat with friends, AND a bunch of extra ballast. If you run a small crew at low elevation and never plan to add massive ballast, the 350 is good. The concern is as these are getting wider, longer, and heavier, this boat is closer to a 23 LSV than a previous VTX. Folks who have loaded the 23 have commented how the 350 struggles.

My 24MXZ is only 500 lbs heavier than you're 22, i had problems (when loaded) with a 450 and 1235 @ 1300' ft. I know not the same boat, but width is now the same and weight is similar, so the amount of power to move them will be similar...

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