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LED light bars


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Going to put two light bars on the tower of the a22. One 12 inch facing forward and one 24 facing the back. The front one I was going to hook up with the docking lights. The rear I was going to hook up to the spare acc switch on the dash.

My question is, where is the grounding under the dash and is it as easy as plugging the positive to the spare male end on the acc switch, and wire tapping into the docking lights?

All the lights have the relays. And the acc switch has power.

Any help would be appreciated!


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There is a black grounding bar under the dash. It has a lot of black wires going to single buss bar. Tie your lamp ground circuits in here.

To operate the lamps correctly, go to your fuse panel next to the drivers seat. See if you have any open breakers. If you do, use one (15-30amp should suffice) and run your hot, B+ leads to your load terminal on the relay, usually pin 30 or 87 . The other one of those will go to your lamps, or the one you wish to control. Then your switched power from your switch will go to pin 85 or pin 86. Take whatever one you don't use for power, the opposite pin to your ground bar under the dash also.

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I had the same desire.<br /><br />20130602_173744_zpsrhnb28cv.jpg<br /><br />Close up... <br /><br />20130602_182901_zpskh4a5sj7.jpg<br /><br />I went out of the switch for power. The power there is fine for an led light. You will find that it's really cool to look at in the daylight, but pretty much useless at night. It helps a ton loading the boat in the dark and around marinas. Out in the open water, you shouldn't even think about it. I don't regret adding it since my reasoning was 60% look and 40% function.

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Nice. Forum discussions never cease to amaze me.

I thought the OP may wish to see how someone else had done it. What do you have hanging on yours that's different or distinctive? Let me guess...Nothing. Thanks for the valuable input on the discussion at hand.

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You were going for looks and that's what you chose to hang off your tower?

Obviously yes, since that is what he said. I also put a bit more emphasis on form, not necessarily over function, but I think I will stick with my HIDs.

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Sorry, boring day at work, my comment was out of line. To each their own! To answer the question, no I don't have anything on my tower other than some wetsounds speakers. I don't boat at night so no need for lights.

EDIT: Deleted original post.

Edited by jtrovato
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