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Slalom handle question


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I tied on a new handle before my sets on Saturday morning. After the first run, I could feel the rubber start to twist on the aluminum bar. I used it for 3 runs were over, almost half the rubber is loose from the bar. Anyone ever seen this before? It was a brand new handle that had never been used.

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Straightline TLS Pro double radius...surprised me as I've had nothing but Straightline slalom handles for at least 13 or 14 years

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I had that happen with a Straightline elliptical handle last year after about half season of use. I ordered a new one for this season and the core bent in half during the first set! (No, I'm not 800 lbs) I used my previous handle (Proline) for 5 seasons until the rope frayed bad enough for me to get a new one. Probably no more Straightline for me.

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I just got a Accurate handle, Custome Spectra ARS 1.10" dia 13" team handle and it is great! I have never been excited about a handle but this one works. I don't have to sqeeze the handle to grip it through the wakes. I find that a loose grip on this handle works well enough and I think that will help my elbows and forearms over the season.

Check it out....

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I saw this on a cheaper Proline handle a few years back. Email Straightline. They'll make it right. Can't remember who I dealt with there, but I tore through three pairs of SGS gloves before they just sent me some Kevlars. They replaced them for free every time. I'm a Straightline customer for life!

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My right elbow and forearm are both already sore Cry.gif . Usually doesn't happen until late season. I have an accurate ARS radius handle as well, and went into the season in better shape than past years.

I've been really happy with the handle, and I don't think that is the cause of the soreness...I think it's from all of those ball 1/ball 2 hits at 28off lately I seem to have regressed a little since the clinic.... :( I don;t think the added strain of cycling is helping it.

I did switch gloves this season (HO Icons from masterline Kevlars).

I'm working on the following to help my forearms:

- ibuprofen

- ice massage

- stretching (wrist extensions, wrist flexors)

- use of a forearm brace 24x7 while it's sore

- picked up a full tennis elbow brace - I'm going to try skiing with this to see if it helps

- most importantly, fix my technique and don't take the hits!

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Another round of kudos for the folks at Straightline. The rope on my B2 handle was beginning to show significant fraying in several spots. E-mailed pics to them. They determined the handle was made several years ago when they were using both poly and spectra rope. Since the poly was not wound tight enough, it caused the fraying.

A new B2i is being shipped out today. Good peeps.

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One email and a new handle is on it's way...outstanding support!

Hoover and I broke one early last year and Straightline replaced it promptly along with a free tournament series radius that was their "new model" taking it's place. Good company.

Back in 92 I had bought a new handle from them and left it on my engine box after skiing.

My EuroF3 was Brand new..... well the handle stained the cover.

Couldnt get it off no matter what I did, Straightline stood behind thier product and was more than willing to recover my engine box....NO Problem at all.

Picked up a trick from someone that ended up getting the stain off, Called Straightline to tell them everything was all set and they asked me if I needed anything and to make up an order for what it would have cost to recover the box.I ended up with Ropes, Barefoot handle, Wakeboard tractor handle and gloves for Nada.

They were great to deal with back then.

They seem like a real stand up company !

John R

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Our SL rope looks like a twizzler after only a couple months of use this year- SL's top of the line. Maybe one or two strands in the rope were shorter than the others or something, but it looks like a corkscrew. One email to SL told us to resolve the issue with the dealer, even though it was a gift last year and we have no recipt. :( That should be fun.

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Our SL rope looks like a twizzler after only a couple months of use this year- SL's top of the line. Maybe one or two strands in the rope were shorter than the others or something, but it looks like a corkscrew.

I also invested in a SL rope this year and have disturbing fraying. At this point I'm thinking that my first SL may be my last.

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My SL handle was received as a gift…so no receipt here either. I just called the SL folks and explained my situation. They seemed more concerned about getting it right than any warranty period or having a receipt etc. PM me if interested and I can give you the guy’s name.

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my 3 week old top of the line Sl rope "looks like a twizzler" aswell Mad.gif

Off to the dealer today to see what they say.

Will keep you posted.

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