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2013 VTX with Monsoon - Starts Itself

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Soon as you boot up the system, the engine starts itself. If you press engine shutoff on the screen. The engine shuts off, then immediately restarts.

Anyone else ever have this happen to them?

Reset the screen and it makes no difference.

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Yes, Still under warranty. Had a couple of these. Surfgate wont retract. (have to dry out the control box with a Hairdryer). Overcurrent message on Surfgates. USB Cuts out if take any water. Etc. Going to leave with the local dealer in a couple weeks.

1st model year....

Still an awesome boat.

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What is the position of the key on the gunnel? Not sure that would make a difference but play with that and see what happens. Has this always been an issue since you have owned the boat?

That is an interesting thought - I don't leave my backup key in there, but I wonder what would happen if you had that in the run position.

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Tried it. They key does nothing at all. One way or the other. If I program a code, at least it does not start immediately. Just every time after that. In it goes.

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This is why I always turn off the battery switch whenever the boat is unattended. Computers can do wired things and I don't want it starting the boat on its own.

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Talked to my dealer. And he said to stop messing with it and bring it in, Sound advice.

I agree with him. I know it can be a PITA to take the boat to the dealer, but this sounds like it could be somewhat serious. Please keep us updated.

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  • 2 years later...

So, I know it has been forever since I posted this.  And I did want to respond.  

But I wanted to make sure the problem (and I just plain forgot).

The issue with the "Self Starting" turned out to be the WATER PUMP.  If you can believe it.   When I purchased the boat, there was always some water inside the engine compartment.  Which I chalked up to it being a surf boat etc.  At idle, there was a very slow, unnoticeable drip from the water pump.  But at speed, it was spraying the electronics.  The computer systems obviously did not like that and it caused some corrosion on one of the connectors.

Replacing the water pump cured the issue.  It also helped with the "Excessive Current Draw"  on the starboard surfgate.  (It also needed the actuator replaced).

All in all, an awesome summer last year.  

The 2013 is a great boat for us, we ski it every day in the summer and it surfs great.
(2) 750lb Fat Sacks in the rear.  200lbs Lead in the bow, and 250lb more in the center walkway.

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