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I am looking to get a sunsetter lxi or a response lxi. Any thoughts about the sv23 or sv25 diamond hulls?


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We are mostly Into skiing but would like to have the crossover ability to wakeboard or surf? Which of those hulls in your opinion would better suit our needs? Also I am looking between 2002-2006 depending on price and options which boat I would get. Is there a boat and year as far as response lxi or sunsetter lxi that stands out as being the better boat for those years?

Thanks appreciate the info!!


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Not sure if there is a SV25 hull in those two boats. I think the Response boats all had the diamond hull. Unless you have lots of ballast, probably no surfing with that hull.

The Sunsetter does have two different hulls available, the wake hull and diamond hull. Diamond better for slalom, at higher slalom speeds. Maybe not a noticable difference below 32mph.

I think the Sunsetter will also need ballast to surf. There is more room in the Sunsetter to do that. I think the Sunsetter was mostly direct drives, but may have been offered in a V-drive at some point, which would make it better for surfing/wakeboarding.

Above 31 ish mph, I think the wake on the Sunsetter is fine for all slalom, with either hull.

Good luck,

Steve B.

p.s. try both boats !

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A Response LXI doesn't really have the freeboard for crossing over into surfing. I would go after a Sunsetter. I went from a Sunsetter to a Response and that is the one drawback but I slalom ski more so it was justifiable for my situation. Everyone's needs vary.

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sorry guys but I have to say you are incorrect about being able to surf behind a response LXI... I have a 2006 response LXI with power wedge. Using the wedge only, and with no ballast, we can surf behind it! and yes, we can also let go of the rope. Of course there are many boats that are better suited for surfing. i'm just saying that yes it is possible on the Response LXI

However If you are going to be wakeboarding or surfing on a regular basis then i do agree that the Sunsetter line is probably the better choice. the reason is that it has a higher freeboard so you can add more balast. if you try to add much balst to a response you end up too close to the waterline and risk taking on too much water (sinking it) which is why i only use the wedge

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Even without taking ballast into consideration, the LXI while being a superior ski boat is so low to the water that they don't make a very good open water boat. My father in-law went from a Sunsetter LXI to a Response LXI and there is at least the feeling of a big size/freeboard difference.

To the OP - you might want to at least try skiing behind something like a VTX to see how you like it, much better possibilities for use as a crossover boat. Make sure that it has a bow tank and that the tank is full.

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There is such a thing as a Sunsetter with a V drive right? I'd be interested to ski behind one.

Steve B.

Yes. It was the Sunsetter VLX. If you are looking for a skiable VLX, look for a 2001 or later. The earlier VLX's were based on the wake hull and sucked for skiing.

To the OP, the Response Lxi is an awesome boat for skiing. Never tried surfing behind it. If you want a Sunsetter, the 2004 and earlier models are much better for skiing.

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