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Real-world boat + trailer length: Response vs FXI vs VTX vs VLX? (tight garage)


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I have a tight garage - by inches. I've got a closed-bow sportster and it is just too small for the family, but it fits. I know Malibu publishes specs, but it is not very accurate (I looked up the weights from malibu a while back and they were off by 1000 pounds) Further, they give the specs for swim-platform off and wedge down, but not for the surf gate. As far as I can tell the surf-gates would be the limiting factor with the wedge down - not the wedge itself.

Can someone give me some real world measurements on these boats - from the front of the folding tongue or bow to the most aft part of the boat - as if you had a box it had to fit in and that box was TIGHT. If you fold the tower, the absolute height on the trailer would be useful (I know this has been discussed elsewhere)

1. 2013-2014 VTX: Tongue folded, swim off, power wedge down, with surf-gates.

2. 2010-2014 Response TXi, swim off, power wedge down.

3. 2011 FXI, swim off, power wedge down (I am unicorn hunting)

4. 2013-2014 VLX: Tongue folded, swim off, power wedge down, with surf-gates.

I can do a few modifications to the house/garage to make a larger boat fit, but not too much (the garage drywall and kitchen cabinets behind will be modified!).

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Just to help a little, the fix and vtx are identical in length. As far as I know. My vtx with platform and boatmate trailer fits into a 24 ft garage with a couple of inches to spare.

I have a folding tongue. Definitely have more than a couple inches I think my garage is 24'

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Don't just look for a model of boat and assume that they are all the same length. I found out about this the hard way when I bought my Response Lxi,

I measured my garage, and measured a friends response lxi while on the trailer.. It just barely fit with 2 inches to spare when the teak was off and the wedge was in the down position. So I bought a response LXI that was the same year with the same trailer. I went all the way to Colorado from California to get it then drove all the way home... Only to find it would not fit. the reason was that my new boat had the Power Wedge and the one I measured had a manual wedge... The support bracket for the Power wedge sticks out almost as far as the teak does and will not fold down.

My wife was not pleased when she came home and saw my wedge coming out of the back of the house into the back yard because I gabbed the Sawzall and cut a hole in the wall so the boat would fit in the garage ....lol ( and yes I really did do this!)

So my advice measure your garage and then mesure the exact boat you are buying while on the trailor with the teak off, wedge down, tongue folded, and tower lowered... and look at ceiling and garage opening height as well.

Good luck

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Agree, it will be on a bit different each time...

I was hoping to tally up a few measurements if they were posted to get a good ballpark.

I would love to cut a huge hole in the garage like you did, but the swim platform would then block our kitchen sink. Not ruling it out!

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