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Engine Code :(


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Need some help from the crew. Was out on Lake Tahoe yesterday and about 1/2 hour in I get an alarm and a message that says service required. The MIL light on the tach is on. Temp, Oil and voltage all normal. I retrieved the ECM code. SPN 65568 FMI 8. My research says this may be a bad o2 sensor on bank 2. I was thinking that maybe the altitude (6500) had something to do with it? So, might be a cooked sensor, bad gas? I had toped off (10 gallons) after inspection. I ran it on the fake a lake at my house this morning. Still getting the code. Any thoughts before I drag it to dealer 1 1/2 hours away?

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Update. It was an o2 sensor. There was a lot of buildup on them. Maybe cooked. Indmar repair shop cleaned off and reset the code. We'll see if that works. Indmar is getting pretty picky when it comes to replacing under warranty. They say if you're overloading (4000lbs can't be overloading?! ;)) they may cook and they don't want to replace under warranty. They also recommend you're propped correctly. I guess I better put on the 2315.

Quick reminder to everyone to always test that your engine will turn max rpm fully loaded. If not you are overloading the engine at all rpms. Prop it down and give your engine a better life. :)

To pre-answer the question on how to test the wedge load, just prop the boat one step down from what you need on a fully ballasted boat.
- For 90% surfing a 2013 W23LSV with a 410hp, factory ballast, rear 750's and a front 250, an Acme 1873 works great.

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They tried to tell me I was overloading my boat too, that running heavy ballast to lean a boat would hurt the sensors. The funny part is, I did not even own any ballast sacs at the time. I only wakeboarded, stock ballast and wedge, never used my boat to wakesurf.

It's funny they are still using the ballast excuse though, what do they think these boats are being used for?

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