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Forward tank, dumb question


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My boat (a 2013 23 LSV) came with the center, left, and right factory tanks. I've added 2 750s with the PnP system in the rear lockers.

I was wondering if the front tank (shown on mailview) is physically in the boat, and that enabling it is a matter of plumbing and some money, or if it is simply not there. (I've never seen another one up close that had the front tank, so I'm not sure what I'm looking for.)

If adding it is not an option, I assume Wakemakers has a suitable bow tank. I'm really unhappy with the surf wave,

I tried 400 pounds of people in the bow, full tanks, and wedge 2 clicks up, and it is still an ill-defined foamy thing without much push.

All ideas welcomed


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if it wasn't added as an option then it won't be there. It would take up all of the storage area and then the cushions would sit on top of the tank. You would know if you had it. You could plumb a bag up there pretty easily and add the pumps to the factory wiring so the mtc could control it. Personally i have the vlx with the bow tank and my wave usually gets really good with that full and 2-3 people up front. you could plumb a bow bag and maybe even throw another 300- 400 on top. If you are throwing that much in the rear you will definitely need more up front.

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Pretty easy to tell if you have a bow tank. If you have bow storage and can remove the center filler cushion and there is a walking path under it, you don't have the bow tank.

They do make bags for that area, but not as ideal as the bow tank - something that should be standard and not an option IMO. You need weight; get an under seat bow bag and some lead or another sack to fill on top of the seats.

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Remove the bow cushions and lift up the false floor board. You will either see a big rectangle tank or an open cavity, likely the latter. If 400 lbs of people in the bow did not begin to make an improvement, then i think you need to try elsewhere. Before doing anything permanent up there, I would get the wake close to dialed in.

What speed are you running?

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You definitely need more bow weight. I would run a Johnson reversible pump with a bag there. You could either try and squeeze one under the seats but you will prob only get 300-350 lbs or just use a triangle bow sac on top of seats and get 750-1000 lbs of weight. This will make a huge difference for both surf and wakeboarding wakes.

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