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Connected jump box to wrong battery post

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2001 sunseter.I made the big mistake of connecting the battery cables wrong while jumping,key was on and now have no spark to the engine.After replacing the battery everything seams to work but i have no spark at distributor,does anybody know the most likely problem.problem. Icm? Im sure the alternator will probably need attention as-well.Thanks Jake.

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No fireworks the jump bock was week put had enough to do damage,any ideas on fuse location,ive also read a 99 Tahoe icm 5.7 is the same thing?

Manual has a picture. Look at page 6-13 and 6-14 (Fuses are under #2 in the picture on 6-13)


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Well no luck with the fuses,will have to pull the boat out and inspect further,Im thinking being the charge was reversed the breakers offered no protection.Maybe a relay fried,thats my best hope now.Glad i have friends with boats!

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Yes i did,Like i said the jump box was week so it didn't spark much it acted like a amp to the radio was firing up so i thought everthing was normal.Im sure it was on the battery 10-20 seconds (lucky the battery didn't blow as iv seen this happen).The starter works and most everything else including fuel pump,My amps and radio are not working(amps 50 amp fuse was blown).Voltage gauge is not working,no spark at coil,i plan on getting the boat home tomorrow to look into i further,Thanks for your interest. Sincerely,Jake.

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ecm is at least partially healthy because it is the source of signal to the fuel pump relay

Good point, tvano. If the ECM is partially healthy, that means it probably has a blocking diode and is fully healthy. Reverse polarity on semiconductor devices is an all or nothing type thing, and the only real prevention is a diode. Expensive things tend to have them.

Non-semiconductor things are generally more immune to reverse voltage. It may be time to check each part for voltage and signs of life, especially if they are powered by the key switch. The sense coil under the distributor comes to mind....

It might be worth a call to Indmar to ask them which parts are more susceptible to reverse voltage.

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Hello again,Well the good news is i was able to ski six days of the last eight so my vacation wasn't totally ruined,and my stereo system is working fine thanks to a 5 amp fuse.I have power to the three fuses by ecm.The helm fuse,50 amp at motor check out ok. I've found no melted wiring,and power seams to be coming out of alternator leads and the new battery hasn't lost charge and volt meter is working.Does any body know how to test power to coil and the coil itself also the distributor has a component that could have fried along with the ecm,im thinking if i have power to the fuses at back of motor the relays are probable ok.Every thing else seams to be working other than no spark and the (alternator ill find out once i get the motor running).Thanks coyote for the diagram its a start i need the 5.7 I only have 1 coil and wire colors are little different but it was help full.Time to call indmar.

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Not really sure how to test the coil, other than having an open spark plug on a wire end. What I do know is it really is a switch of some type.

It receives 12V, triggered from the distributor's pick-up, then steps up the voltage to like 50,000V. So, be extremely careful !

You could unplug the lead out of the distributor heading to the coil, spin the motor over and see if 12V is coming out of the distributor.

If you do, I think it's just your coil is fried.

Good luck,

Steve B.

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Thats what im thinking ignition control module in distributior .their must be a way to test them and coil has no spark.Turns out auto zone can check the icu.Also easy auto diagnostics.com can show you how to do your own test.Convenent for indmar not to have any part no.on parts.

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Well good news! Auto zone was able to test it,I was the first one to use it, they are set up to test quit a few components.It turned out bad and a 95 chev suburban was the same thing pt 140.The alternator reads 13.59 volts and battery seams to be holding a charge so i think i lucked out their.Thanks again for all the input.Jake.

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