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08 VLX Ballast help needed


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Hey guys,

Just bought my first wakeboard boat and am trying to work all the little kinks out of it before winter flies here in Canada. All of my research tells me that this boat has 4 ballast tanks, and 8 pumps. I have also read in the forums here that there is fuses for the pumps in the boat as well.

I have had the center and rear left and right tanks filled and emptied. However the front tank will not fill. As well when I turn on the drain I do not hear any pumps running either, which makes me wonder a few things,

1) Is it possible that both fill and drain pumps are blown for the front tank.

2) Is it that the fill is shot therefore no water in the tank and the drain is still working, it is just so hidden that I cannot hear it running when i hit the switch. (I have not found the pumps for the front yet.)

3) Is there a fuse that I cannot find that is blown for the front pumps (can't find fuses for the ballast pumps either.)

4) Is my research wrong and there is no front ballast

If someone could clarify on what to troubleshoot that would be terrific. If you could describe or send pictures of the ballast and pump location that would be great!

Also, If someone could post a link to some replacements, I would like to have a couple on hand.

Thanks guys!

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Not sure where the fuses are but you can lift up the front seats to see if there is a tank there. The tank takes up the whole bow area so there will be no storage there if you have it. I believe the drain is in the very nose so if you lift up the very front cushion you should see that pump. The fill for it is in the certer under the lift up hatch (there should be 3 pumps in here total). Thats all the info i have. You can go to Bakesonline.com and they have replacement pumps.

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Oh and the pump will still run even if the tank is empty so if you find it and it doesn't make any noise it is either jammed or needs to be replaced. They screw apart pretty easily and you probably just need to replace the cartridge not the whole pump.

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The bow ballast was an option on the 08 VLX. Are you sure it's there?

I only ask based on #4 above.

If you have storage under the bow seats, you have no bow ballast.

That answers my question!! I have storage. I was wondering where the heck it would be.

I still have not found any fuses for any of the ballast. Under the throttle there is no fuses labled for ballast pumps.

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if you do not have a tank under the center cushion of the bow then you do not have a front tank. We ran a line from the rear drain up to the front to fill a 750lb bag that sits on the seat when we ride.

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I am going to purchase all my bags soon. I was thinking a hidden 400lb in the bow storage. And an 1100 in each locker. If needed later I would buy a 400 for the middle of the boat surf side. Does this sound like it would work for surfing with the stock center and stock rear surf side full?

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Might need a little more up front to balance out all that weight in the rear. You need to see what kinda prop you have to be sure it'll push the load, before you start buying sacks.

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I have been shopping at wakemakers today and this is the setup that I am considering. Tell me what you guys think. I normally do not have much of a crew. 4 people is a good day.

One of these for each locker. I am goofy, everyone else is regular.


One of these for under the surf side seats


3 or 4 of these to move around and tweak the wake. (Probably a couple in the bow and a couple surf side seats or floor)


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