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Replacement for stock tower cans?


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I'm just now starting to map out a small stereo refurb for this winter. I dont plan to spend big money at this time for tower speakers. Is there anything available that will fit in the factory cans (06 LSV w/ Illusion X tower) and be heard behind the boat? Current setup uses a kicker amp - I dont know details on it other than dealer installed. I also have a 4 channel Clarion I plan to use somehow.

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Unfortunately I don't have a good suggestion for you past heading MLA's advice on making sure you select something that fits the 6" speaker opening properly (assuming that's what you have). I bought a used '05 VLX a few summers ago and wanted to upgrade the (pretty much useless) stock Sony tower speakers and figured I'd utilize the stock speaker cans to save money. I decided to go with the Kicker KM6500.2 package. I wasn't particularly worried about hearing amazing sound while wakeboarding and I've been happy enough with them sound-wise.

Mounting them has been a nightmare though because they were too wide for the stock rings that mounted on the speaker cans. Without those rings there's nothing to attach the speaker to, and to make it worse the mounting holes on the speakers line up directly with the edges of the cans. My first attempt to mount them resulted in lots of cutting and drilling of the stock rings. My second attempt utilized acrylic rings that I made with a router. They seemed good at first, but I tapped holes to mount them and to mount the speakers and they've been breaking this year. My latest attempt (that I'm in the middle of) is to use a 3D printer so I can make the rings exactly how I'd like them.

Sorry had to vent there, but hopefully you can avoid the trouble I've gone through. If you want HCLD's, splurging for Wetsounds or Exiles will probably be the smartest move because you're unlikely to find something to fit those speaker cans. If you just want to use a 'normal' speaker, make sure it isn't too big.

And let me know if you need additional speaker cans. I somehow ended up with 4 extras, but they're 2 different pairs. One pair comes to more of a point in the back than the other. Hard to describe without pictures.

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Better in what way? If they are blown, they are blown, if they are under powered or poorly tuned, so will the new ones. No poly-fill in the pods can make them sound "tinny". Most any 6" speaker is going to be lacking in the mid-bass department.

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Some of the BU OEM pods are extremely small. And conventional in-boat or automotive coaxials are intended for infinite baffle applications (expansive trunks, doors, gunnel cavities). As a result, you may get very poor sound despite using a good upgrade speaker. So, if your pods are on the small side as compared to the norm, and if your expectations are going to be a great deal higher than what you had before, consider a total replacement rather than a retrofit. You should view your existing tower power amplifier in the same way. I realize you stated that your winter upgrades will be on a moderate budget but there is no savings in having to do it twice. You might also consider what you mean by 'hear behind the boat'. At rest behind the boat in near proximity at a moderate listening level, or at surf range, or at wake range? Just heard or intelligible?

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David - Thanks for ppinting out the infinite baffle issue. I had not considered that. Ideally I would like for them to be heard - high quality not the issue - at wakeboard distance but i realize thats not likely to be doable without a full swap to HCLDs.

As for the rest, at this point I am trying to use what I have available already for the most part. That means the extra battery, sub and amp thats sitting in the garage from my old boat.

I know I'll be adding an isolater for the second battery. I will have to figure out how the current speakers are wired - I dont know if they are using the existing amp for just the sub, towers, cabin, or what. Once I figure that out if I can add the second amp to improve things I will. If not, I'll jsut keep it as is and save my pennies and hope to do a true upgrade later.

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