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Some kind of BS gimmick


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I think it would be awesome for teaching or older skiers as mentioned. Pretty cool it doubles as a trick release too. Too bad its a bit too big to use as an all the time boarding handle for my taste (for a trick release).

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looks legit and a clever idea to address a problem.

my only concern is how "unique" is it from a patent perspective that there won't be knock-off versions rapidly appear.

(martinarcher - i am counting on you for a $25 version)

PS - I am one of those old guys that would really like to try this out!

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I hadn't thought of older skiers needing some help.

Although for beginners I think it could develop poor form and a reliance on that tug from underneath.

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Why use the disconnect vs just let go? Wouldn't the handle sink to the bottom if the skier drops it after disconnecting? Ooops, sorry about that!

The wakeboard version uses an impossible start position without it, so it would be good for that visitor might not otherwise try to learn. For the price she better be hot!

It seems like this would be most helpful to someone that is injured, weak or heavy. Does it qualify as a medical device?

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Personally I have never failed to get a rider up. Anyone that is seasoned would never use it. Anyone that is seasoned but still has trouble getting up needs more practice. I'm fairly big (215) and I pop right out. So yeah, older slalom skiers that can't take the forces anymore.

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Well, I could see the slalom use like I said. I know that takes some brute force even though I haven't slalomed in many years. However, getting up on a wakeboard is all body position. Crouched, anyone should be able to get up. If you can't crouch, aka bend your knees, I am wondering what you are gonna do on a wakeboard. Seems like a bit of an investment just to ride strait.

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I was a skier growing up (I am 34 now). About 10 years ago, I decided to give wakeboarding a try. I bought a cheap used board and got up on my very first attempt.

If any rider is the slightest bit athletic, they should be fine with the proper coaching and instincts.

Other than older riders I don't see any use for something like this.

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My father has used a basic version of this since he was 50 (15 years ago). Deep V handle with the cross rope that catches onto a small, plastic, triangular knob which is 3M adhesive onto the slalom ski halfway between boot and tip of ski. Gets him 3/4 out of water before the cross rope slips off the triangle knob. At that point, he just begins to plane on the ski. Works very well. The handle does 75% of the work.

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