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Advice on selling our Malibu


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I need some help from The Crew.

I have had our Sunsetter LXI for sale in Boat Trader and iBoats for almost 2 months. I have received 3 calls and no one to look at the boat. I would like to sell it by Memorial Day. This is the first 6 weeks this boat has ever spent outside of cover, and this is thunderstorm and hail season in Texas.

Any suggestions are welcome!!!

Should I:

- Take something out of the ad

- Add something to the ad

- Lower the price

- Be patient

- Keep the Sunsetter so I can have two Malibu's Yahoo.gif

Links to the ad here on TMC and Boat Trader are below.

The Crew knows Malibu's and what a buyer is looking for.

Thanks for your help

Sunsetter Ad

Boat Trader Sunsetter AD

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The ad seems pretty complete. I cannot comment on the price as prices in Canada are not necessarily relative. You may want to consider adding: "will negotiate delivery" or the likes.

good luck


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When I sold my nautique... I plastered that boat all over the place. What was cool is that a guy from Canada ended up buying it. I still get emails on it even knowing most of the ads are gone....

Post it on ski-it-again.com (that is where my buyer came from)

Some of my old ads:



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It is pretty complete, but one thing that I noticed when we sold our yellow boat is that there's a fine line between complete information & too much - you can overwhelm people & they'll just stop reading the ad after a certain point. Personally I'd take all of the retail prices for the options out of the ad, & I'd also take out the things that are standard or mundane (teak swim platform & fire extinguisher are 2 that jump right out at me). You may want to put "more pictures available upon request" or something like that. Really good pictures that show the boat off make a huge difference, the one on the site here is not great.

Other than that, I'd be patient. Remember that a good portion of the country is just now coming out of a very long winter that didn't give us much of a break at all. It's been very hard to think about good weather & boating when we haven't had any in such a long time. The prime selling season won't hit until after Memorial Weekend.

EDIT: What Romi said is true, get it posted anywhere & everywhere that you can.

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Long winter?

There's a lot of snowmobilers out there that would probably disagree with you...

The hours on the boat will scare some people away, and although it looks imaculate, your price should reflect the hours more IMO. I don't think its too high, but its not low either, however I did see that you are willing to negotiate.

If you were closer to the border, there are a lot of canadians you could dump it on. With the dollar the way it is, and the lack of quality inboards north of the border, you'd have no trouble selling it for right around your asking price.

good luck

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Only thing that stands out to me is the boat is fairly high in hours, especially given how many others are on boat trader with less than 200 hrs.

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I would remove the photo of the boat on the lift. It may just be me but I get turned off by a boat stored on a lift even though it may have been for a short while. Also maybe a little overload on the information. Give the buyer enough info to interest them and get them to call. Also an overload on the info gives me the thought that you may not be willing to deal on the price. Just my $.02 FWIW

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Thanks for the help,everyone. Changes have alredy been made and the asking price is coming down on Monday.

To what? If you were closer I might be interested.

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good place to sell these kinds of boats is flipsell.com, and ebay motors. I just sold my boat on ebay and I never exspected to, but you would not beleive the responses and questions I got. Make sure that the buyer is responsible for all shipping costs. My father has sold 4 high dollar cars in the last 5 months on ebay to people in Canada, you would be suprised how many people have the extra money to ship vehicles. The more places that you advertise the better you are, and ebay is all over the world. I was very skepticle with putting it on ebay with the asking price being $30,000.00 but it sold very quickly. Good luck to you, Malibu is a boat that should not be very hard to sell. The guy that bought my boat lives 2,774 miles from me and his shipping cost him $2,300.00

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ebay worked great on the 02 I sold... generated a lot of calls. On my 05, I wasn't serious enough about selling it to list it on ebay before it sold via listing here, WSR, flipsell, etc.

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I would just second what Wakegirl said about the photos. I know when I was looking I was on Boattrader every single day and the ads that got my attention were the ones with the best/most photos. On your ad I would like to see more views of the boat, especially from the sides.

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May want to try waterskiboat.com. It cost some $$$, but I've sold five boats on that site. It is for tournament/wakeboard boats only. Also may want to try dallasboats4sale.com.


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Check out Craigslist.

I sold my boat to the second person who came over, even before it was listed on Boat Trader,

from Craigslist.

Out of all the places to sell your boat, and I had mine on every single one, I got the most hits from CraigsList. Plus its free... Biggrin.gif

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Last year I sold an 2000 23 LSV for $29,000 and my friends 1989 MC Tri Star for $14,000. I'm in Oklahoma and 1 buyer was in Seatle Washington and the other in Pennsylvania. Also over this past winter a friend of mine sold his Nautique to a buyer from Canada.

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$1 No Reserve Auction on eBay. It will be sold in a week and you will get fair market value.

Take lots of high resolution pictures and write a book to go along with them. If people feel comfortable with the purchase (because of what you have pictured and wrote) they will bid $$$.

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