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speed control at wakesurfing speeds


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I own a 06' V-Ride with midship ballast, rear ballast tanks, wedge, and fatsacks. I was just testing out the speed control the other day and found out when I set it for 10.6 mph it would not go that low. I had it set on 10.6, throttled past the set speed and heard the normal beep telling me I had reached the set speed, and the boat started dropping down but it would only go to 11.7. At the bottom of the screen it said more throttle. I tried resetting it to a different speed and it would only go as low as 11.7. I only had midship full, and the rear port tank filled with no wedge down. I did not know if it has something to do with how fast you throttle up to the beep or not because it did not go very fast to get up to speed. Could somebody help me out. I wakesurf almost every day and this speed is important for me because I normally only have my wife or a buddy pulling me. 11.7 with all the tanks and fat sacks full, along with 8 people and the wedge down is fine but when I dont have alot of people around, I need that lower speed to surf further back. My dealer told me that it will be able to be set that low and work. I have 10 or more friends that have bu's and only 3 have 06' models but they are all VLX"S. They have all told me that there's work fine. Help me please!! I only have 5 hours on the boat and will be taking it in fir the 10 hour maint. on the 12th of this month. The dealer said that they will look at it when I come in but I was wondering if it is something that I am not doing right.

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Try setting your speed control to rpm. Set it the the rpm you run at 10.6MPH. BTW, i'm not sure that it is recommended to surf during break-in... Fingerwag.gif

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Have you posted it anywhere for everyone to see?

I'm about to pick up a wakesurf board for the often times that the lake isn't quite smooth enough to wakeboard... no sense in beating my head against the wall if I know how to do it ahead of time!


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on my VLX when me and my buddys went surfing we had all the bags full and we were able to set the cruse at 8 and it was fine (we didnt stay at 8 though we ended put speeding it up to 11) but ya im not sher what the problem could be.

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On our 06 we set the speed for 10 mph but oculn't get it to hold. Then we figured it out, you have to go about 2 mph above to get the speed control to kick in. So now we speed up to about 12+ mph, the speed control kicks in, and then drifts down and maintains 10 +/- mph. :)

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I ahve a 23 WS LSV with the 8.1 and I had this issue. I was told by another forum member that you have to get it to 11 for it to engage and then it will drop down. This seems to work but it is not as accurate as the Perfect Pass in my old boat at surf speeds. I have yet to try the rpm setting

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